Shooting, a sport that has been included in every summer Olympic games since the creation of the modern Olympics in 1896, will feature 390 competitors aiming for gold across 15 different shooting events using pistols and rifles or a shotgun, according to london2012.com, the official Olympic games website.


Competitors will face five pistol events, five rifle events and five shotgun events; each featuring a qualifying round and final round only.

Pistol and rifle events will feature shooters aiming at different targets from specific distances; earning scores based on accuracy relative to the center of a ringed target. Shotgun events will feature shooters aiming to hit moving clay targets launched both above and in front of them, according to the website.

The scores in each round are added together for a total score to determine the winners in both types of shooting events.


Shooting events have been featured in every modern summer Olympic games with the exception the 1904 and 1928 games, according to london2012.com. The events were for male competitors only, until female events were added in 1984.

Currently the United States holds the record for most medals won in the Olympic games, with 105 total medals, according to nbcolympics.com.

Author: Natalie Soldoff

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