Handball is an intense sport full of action. In the games, 336 athletes will be participating (168 men and 168 women), beginning at the Copper Box and then moving to the Basketball Arena. It’s taking place from July 28 to Aug.  12. According to london2012.com (the official website for the 2012 Olympics), speed, skill and stamina are essential attributes for the athletes who play this game.


The main point of the game is pretty simple: you need to throw the ball, which is small, into the opponent’s goal. This is usually a very high-scoring game. The court is 40 by 20 meters, which is the biggest court of all indoor ball sports in the Olympics.


According to london2012.com, handball may be one of the oldest sports. The evidence is in a mention is Homer’s Odyssey and a third century statuette. It was developed in the late 19th Century. It was first added to the Olympics in 1936, where it was originally played outdoors. It was moved indoors in 1972.


Author: Kaity Bergquist

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