LL&LG: Country Girl

Kelli went country.

No seriously, I went to Stagecoach, the three-day country festival in Indio, Calif. last weekend (which is pretty much the same thing minus the mud and inbreeding, hopefully)

But besides the awesome music, hunky cowboys and American flag bandanas, there was an awesome amount of people watching. And as an avid people watcher, I was in heaven. But for the life of me I couldn’t figure what the heck was going through some of the women’s minds as they were getting dressed (probably a lot of Bud Light). You have half of the ladies adorably dressed in country attire, and the other half in bikinis or bra tops, with or without a rocking body.

So I figured we should get to the bottom of this, because summer country concert season is right around the corner and we want y’all looking your best.

So here are some, sweet summer tips by yours truly to countrify your wardrobe.


Cowboy boots go perfectly with any summer outfit and add instant country to your attire. Plus, they elongate your legs and make you stand up a little straighter. Just don’t rock them with a bikini; you’ll end up looking like a skanky redneck version of Snookie and her fur boots.

Nothing says country like cutoff jean shorts and flannel, but with the summer heat you might want to trade in the thick material for a breezy, lightweight shirt. Short shirts are very trendy right now, so try to find one with a flowery print, pair it with cutoffs and cowboy boots and you’ll have instant southern charm. Just please, don’t let your beer gut hang out, because believe it or not there is a difference between dressing country and dressing redneck.

Accessories are the magic ingredient to bring your country look together. Cowgirls love bling (who doesn’t), but in order to look less like Dolly Parton and more Carrie Underwood, look for somewhat understated studded belts, cowboy hats, glasses or jewelry to top off your southern look.

Hopefully some of these tips get ya country ready but if all else fails you can always get a huge American flag tattoo on your back, kidding!

Author: Kelli Miller

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