Local coffee shops are worth a visit

Americans consume over 400 million cups of coffee per day, resulting in over 146 billion cups of coffee consumed per year.

According to coffee-statistics.com, coffee represents over 75 percent of all caffeine consumed in the United States. Because of the growing caffeine addiction amongst Americans, coffee shops represent the fastest growing aspect of the restaurant business, causing a 7 percent growth rate that is only increasing with time.

This rising popularity has resulted in many coffee shops being seen throughout the county.  If you are a self-proclaimed “Coffee Addict”, adding to rising statistics and looking for new places to try, here are local shops worthy of a visit.

Old California Coffee House & Eatery

This popular coffee house is located in San Marcos’ Old California Restaurant Row and is a known hotspot for quality coffee.

According to the website, the intention is to “create a community environment where friends can gather, study, meet, draw, read poetry, play games, and eat and enjoy a great cup of coffee or tea.”

Free Wi-Fi is offered to all customers, as well as study tables and couches available for anyone. The shop offers a wide selection of coffees and teas, including: Latin American and Caribbean influenced coffee, Pacific and Indonesian styled coffees and East African coffees all at an affordable price. Live entertainment is provided for guests every Friday and Saturday night, in which artists can perform on the shop’s outside porch near fire pits, creating a relaxing visit for customers. Lists of upcoming musical acts are posted on their website, oldcalcoffee.com.

“I like it, because it’s not a chain coffee shop and it has a cool ambiance with the fire pits outside of it,” student Christine Vicci said.

Peet’s Coffee and Tea

This coffee shop was created from Holland native Alfred Peet, who has inspired many coffee entrepreneurs, including the founders of Starbucks. The coffee chain has become highly recognized in the coffee industry for its high-quality coffee that is brewed fresh every 30 minutes or less, its refusal to re-steam milk, and promise that the freshest beans are used, as posted on peets.com. Located throughout the county from Carlsbad to Encinitas, this shop is a great place for students looking to study while enjoying a high-quality cup of coffee.

“I’m really picky, because I drink coffee all the time, so if I’m in the mood for a hot coffee, I prefer it from Peet’s Coffee, because they make it really fresh,” Vicci said. “I like the ambiance of Peet’s Coffee, because it’s upscale looking, relaxing and free Wi-Fi is offered, making it a great place to study.”

Escondido Joe’s Coffee Shop

Looking for a small-town coffee shop feel? Escondido Joe’s Coffee Shop is a great choice. Located on Grand Avenue in Downtown Escondido, Calif. the shop offers affordable food selections, such as ham and cheese croissants, salads, roast beef melts, as well as green tea smoothies and high-quality coffee. The ambiance is tranquil and soothing, as the inside is exposed brick with comfortable furniture, as well as a stage where live music is offered every Friday night. The shop has comparable prices with Starbucks, offers free Wi-fi, in-store computers, an outside porch area, an antique jukebox for entertainment and an overall friendly environment.

E Street Cafe

Located in Encinitas, Calif., this coffee shop not only offers a wide selection of coffee, but is a Cyber-Cafe that provides customers with computer workstations and free Wi-Fi. Every Tuesday is Open mic night and every Thursday is the shop’s traditional “Jazz Jam.”

“I really like the E Street Cafe in Encinitas. It’s so cool, because, they not only have great coffee, but it’s more of like a place where you go to study. They have books you can use and borrow, as well as a board where people can post things to organize study groups. Sometimes they have game nights and I love the decorations,” student Gregory Glenn said.

Pannikin Coffee and Tea

The family owned and operated coffee business offers a vast selection of pastries, fresh coffees and tea blends from locations around the world, including their African blended coffee and Hawaii Kona coffee, inspired by the Big Island of Hawaii. Pannikin offers a serene environment for students to study and relax in.

“I think Pannikin in Encinitas is pretty good. It is laid back and quiet enough for any student to study. You can choose to sit inside or outside,” student Lynn Tran said. “It’s not noisy at all, and I think it can be a better place to go to than Starbucks.”


Author: Lexy Perez

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