SIP OF THE WEEK: Blue Lagoon Cocktail

Illustration by Allyson Watson/Telescope

Can’t afford a trip to the Caribbean this summer? Then pick up a Blue Lagoon cocktail instead.

This luminous drink can only be described as having a glass of blue sky in the palm of your hand. If that doesn’t have you longing for a hammock yet, then perhaps it helps to know that this drink has a whopping 12.9 percent alcohol by volume.

This versatile drink is perfect to be shared with friends at a pool party as a beautiful table decoration and refreshment. Its simple ingredients call for light packing, perfect to take on a camping trip to any destination.

Although brightly colored, this not-so-girly drink is perfect for the men out there. In fact, it is said that the Blue Lagoon drink was inspired from the 1980 movie titled “Blue Lagoon” featuring Brooke Shields in a versatile romance and adventure movie. Much like the movie, this drink has a little something for everyone.

Preparing this drink takes about one minute. Add one part Vodka, one part Blue Curacao, and four parts lemonade into an ice shaker. Shake all your troubles away for about 10 seconds and pour into your favorite highball glass. The last step is the most important; add a little Hawaiian umbrella to top off your divine creation.

If you are the designated driver for the night, you can still enjoy this azure fantasy, but without the punch of alcohol. The ingredients are inexpensive and effortlessly put together with 1 part non-alcoholic Blue Curacao topped with one part lemonade. Garnish with a fresh fruit of your choice and enjoy.

Author: Danielle Taylor

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