Community Colleges should no longer be considered a two-year college

Community colleges are a great transition to a four-year school, but we aren’t convinced that this transition will be just a two-year process anymore.

Not only do community colleges help students save money by cutting out two years worth of the tuition of a four-year school, they also encourage the idea that you can take your time to get a degree and/or choose your major.

With that being said, we think the school needs to devote more of its resources to students to promote transferring at two-year intervals, in order to help students transfer or get a degree in the amount of time community colleges are intended- for two years.

Choosing Palomar has allowed us to keep either full- or part-time jobs in addition to saving for after we transfer.

In order to be able to transfer to a public school in California, one must have a total of 60 units (taking roughly 15 units a semester). 

All of us at the Telescope have been at Palomar for over three years– and we haven’t been messing around. 

Taking classes listed on the CSU transfer guide/IGETC, in addition to working while taking at least 12 units and maintaining a decent GPA, makes it extremely hard to transfer or get an associate degree in two years.

Unless one takes classes during the summer, it is impossible. Most of us take advantage of those months to get more hours and even a second or third job, making it hard to even take classes in the summer.

The stigma of getting out of a community college in two years, brought upon by society, seems outdated to us. It has put a unique sort of pressure on us as students that inhibits us from enjoying our college years. 

We know that it is possible for students to get out in two years, and maybe that isn’t even a goal for some, but we believe designation of a two-year school should be ambiguous. 

Getting out of community college is no longer a reasonable goal, and the pressure to get out in two years is unfair, as long as the college is doing all it can do to get us out.


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