Women’s Basketball undefeated in showcase

Palomar Women’s basketball go undefeated in a weekend  showcase showing off their abilities gained during the off-season.

The defending champion Comets were undefeated all four games that they played on Sept. 29-30 at Chaffey College. The conditioning during the off-season paid off, showing their talents playing teams like Cerritos and Pierce College. A hand full of fans and parents attended the event.

Captains Maureen Fegan, Gabby Cabrera, Bianca Littleton, and Mikaela Stanton have contributed their team leading efforts. When they have days off they’re in the gym completing drills, or calling one of the coaches to unlock the weight room.

Coach Leigh Marshall is very proud of her four captains that she and assistant coach Chis Kroesch’s elected. Interviewing coach Marshall she sounded pleased with the wins but not fully satisfied as a coach she says “these games mean nothing. We have a lot to work on.”

She has high expectations for her captains and team which have been met by the work ethic they shown so far.

Marshall’s four captains have an impeachable work ethic without being coach working on their strengths, and weakness on team’s game.

Whether it would be Cabrera hustle, and defense pressuring the ball creating turnovers making havoc for other team. Bianca Littleton is a rebounder that causes extra energy on the floor.

She is always getting fouled and converting the 2pts while becoming real efficient on the box score. Fegan’s ability to always stay hot and accountable for making her next shot or catch the ball. Last, but not least Mikaela Stanton She has the good court vision, she is a natural scorer, and picks apart the opponent’s pressure defense on offense.

Coach Marshall has a good chance of making her team champions in the PCAC again.


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