Alien life exists beyond our natural realm of thought

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As humans, we fear the unexplained, the unknown and the paranormal. We strive for answers, but we cannot accept as truth that we are not alone in the universe. The evidence is out there, both in the corn fields and in the sky.

Signs of extraterrestrials are etched in time. Throughout history we have seen marks of the alien phenomenon all over the world: the pyramids of Egypt, flying saucers sketched in the Egyptians hieroglyphics, and even the recent discovery of a microchip embedded in the skull of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Though the lore of aliens has been popular in modern society in the last 60 years, their existence has been dated back to the pharaohs of Egypt.

One of the seven wonders of the world is the great pyramids in Egypt. Anywhere from one to 20 tons of stone were needed to build these massive structures. It is improbable that the Egyptians were able to carry out this feat without high-tech machinery.

The pyramids were also perfectly aligned with the constellation Orion; the dimensions of which would have been nearly impossible to determine with their primitive technology.

The Egyptians even spoke about beings opening the sky as lights came down to earth. These encounters were described in the hieroglyphics making ancient Egyptians one of the first societies to make first contact.

Though it is not conclusive, it is highly unlikely that ancient Egyptians not only built the pyramids without assistance, but aligned them perfectly with stars light-years away. Even documents from the Egyptians themselves were written on the unexplained lights in the skies. It is hard not to ponder the existence of alien life.

Egypt was just the stepping stone up to the vast history of extraterrestrials coming to Earth. However, even today thousands claim to have been taken up on vessels in the sky. Some cases are seen as delusional or “crazy”, but what if a person with credibility and a historic presence was abducted?

Recently, in an article by Gregory Brewer in the Examiner entitled, “Alien intervention throughout human history? Scientists stumble on possible proof” explained how a French scientist found a microchip inside the skull of Napoleon Bonaparte.

“The possible ramifications of this discovery are almost too enormous to comprehend,” declared Dr. Andre Dubois, who uncovered this astonishing revelation in a French medical journal.

This discovery opened the door to the possibility that encounters and abductions may not just happen to unknown civilians, but to key members of society and history. If Napoleon was abducted, who else in recent history could have been taken and possibly influenced by the fourth kind?

Even though it is not confirmed that extraterrestrial life actually exist, all over the world we have seen an influx of sightings. This can be due to the ability to get news out to the world faster on the internet, and to portable camcorders which catch the weird lights outside windows or in corn fields.

According to, crop circles are complex mathematical fractals arranged in lengths of up to three quarters of a mile and areas as large as 36,000 square feet. These incredible patterns are believed to be messages from the sky formed by aliens trying to communicate with earthlings for reasons unknown.

Though manmade crop circles are more common today, the first known crop circle was reported in 1686 by British scientist Robert Plot who reported seeing fairy rings in his book, “The Natural History of Staffordshire”.

We live in a culture full of skeptics. We are told that everything has a logical explanation and we should never think outside the realm of reality. It is deemed socially acceptable to have religious beliefs and faith in a higher power.

Even though there is debate of an omnipotent being, it is harder to argue the case of extraterrestrials. With countless videos, pictures, encounters and historical evidence, the question “Are we alone in the universe?” should be more obvious, but gets stuck in the pantheon of science fiction.

All I can say is keep an open mind and watch the skies more carefully, because the next story nobody else believes could be yours.

Author: Lloyd Bravo

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