American pay the wrong type of professionals

Actors,singers and athletes provide us with entertainment, but I don’t think it’s accurate for them to be paid higher than many other professionals.

I am a huge movie aficionado, and I never fail to show up to see the latest release at the cinema. Everyone has TV shows we watch religiously and actors we look up to and admire. I think highly of people who possess the ability to bring characters to life. But should they be paid more than doctors or lawyers? Absolutely not.

In no way do I want to downplay what talented celebrities do for a living, because I respect them, but I don’t necessarily think they should be paid more than other professionals who help people on a daily basis. There are many celebrities who use their name to help fund charities or campaign for certain research programs. It is true that some celebrities also help people, but they are not making as much of a difference as doctors who are constantly saving lives.

The amount of money actors get paid depends on a variety of reasons, including how in demand they are. According to, Johnny Depp makes close to $20 million per film on average. That doesn’t include the royalty money he gets paid every time said film is shown or bought. Actors continue to get paid even after they complete a project. They earn further profits from endorsements deals, DVD sales, public appearances, etc.

According to MedRounds, a medical news publication, surgeons make an average of $192,000 – $299,000 per year. While a doctor may get paid a significant amount one time, they do not continue to get paid every day that his or her patient lives.

The Law Dictionary claims that asuccessful lawyer can earn between $155,000 and $170,000 per year. For the most part, actors, singers and athletes are discovered based on their talents, whereas many people who wish to become doctors and lawyers immerse themselves in schooling and are drowned by student loans for several years.

Many people probably are not aware of the significant difference in the salaries of all these professionals. Professional boxer, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, earned a whopping $41.5 million in his most recent fight against Mexican boxer, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. On top of being paid for the actual fights, boxers and athletes in general also get paid for public appearances and endorsement deals. Entertainment professionals earn an immensely higher income than any other type of professional.

Overall, people overemphasize the significance of the entertainment industry. I think Americans hold celebrities on a much higher pedestal than they should. I admit I would much rather fill my mind with fun and gossip instead of negative things going on in the world, but it seems like some people take it to the extreme and block out every important piece of news just to find out what Kim Kardashian ate for lunch that day.

It seems Americans simply love to be entertained. They’re able to let go of all their worries when they go see a concert or catch the latest sports game. We think of celebrities as living a lavish lifestyle and having an easy life. A lot of people wish they had the life of their favorite celeb and could be rich and famous just like them. For that reason, we think so highly of them and feel like they should be paid a lot for entertaining us.

As a society, we overlook the importance of the doctors who take care of us when we’re injured or sick, the doctors who work in clinics flooded with patients who aren’t able to afford better health care. Those professionals earn even less than surgeons and are under-appreciated daily. Let’s not forget about the lawyers who help us get out of serious dilemmas or even the most minor situations. It’s these professionals who deserve to be paid extravagantly for their efforts.

Author: Zandalee Arciniega

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