Motorcyclists nab vehicle parking

A motorcycle occupies an automobile parking spot on campus. •Chase Vernon/Telescope

A motorcycle occupies an automobile parking spot on campus. •Chase Vernon/Telescope

Motorcyclists infuriate their fellow car driving students when they choose to park in seemingly limited full-sized parking spots for vehicles.

Motorcycles often take up Class-C sized vehicle parking spots in Palomar’s student and staff parking lots, despite the many spots reserved for motorcycles.

“The school sells around 10 percent of their parking passes as motorcycle passes,” said Shannon Hamlin, a representative from Campus Police.

With a large amount of passes sold, less than 10 percent of these cycles are observed to actually park in designated motorcycle parking areas, according to Hamlin. Also, according to the Campus Police website, motorcycle parking passes cost $20, half of the $40 that automobile drivers pay.

Biology student Stephen Lawrence said, “I already have a really hard time finding parking in the morning. Seeing a motorcycle in a spot I could’ve taken just makes me so pissed!”

However, student Kyle Johnson explains why he sometimes does not use the reserved spots to park his motorcycle.

“The parking spots are too far from a school entrance. If I see a closer spot open I’m going to take it,” he said.

In Fall 2012, the Facilities Review Committee approved the change of seven student spaces and three staff spaces to allocate more motorcycle parking in parking lots 12, 9 and 5.

Recorded in the meeting’s minutes, the vote was found unanimous with only one abstention from the committee’s board.

In Fall 2013, Palomar saw an increased number of motorcycles parking in their designated spots.

Despite this finding, car driving students still insist that full-sized parking spots are limited.

“There’s already so much to stress about (in) school already,” Lawrence said. “I just wish people held a better sense of empathy when taking a parking spot not really intended for them.”

The construction of a new athletic complex in Winter 2015 will take over a majority of student parking spots in the Borden Road student parking lot (Lot 9).

After construction of the complex, 50 spots will be preserved in Lot 9 and a new parking structure will be built near the current Child Development Center in Lot 12.

Facilities Director Chris Miller said, “Of the new 1,600-spot parking structure to be completed in May of 2017, approximately 30 motorcycle spots will be added to the structure.”

Construction of the new structure will not begin until May 2015.

For more information regarding parking at Palomar College, contact Campus Police at (760) 744-1150 ext. 2289.

Author: Rachel Keeney

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