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Lucy Wheeler/The Telescope

Lucy Wheeler/The Telescope

Soghomonian is a 33-year-old former Navy firefighter with some world experience under his belt.

“I’ve been a maintenance technician for 12 years, just traveling around working for different companies under different contracts, mostly government stuff, and I just go and fix things,” Soghomonian said.

According to ASG President and former Vice President Genesis Gilroy, he has extensive experience in management, project facilitation, crisis management, strategy and customer service.

“(Soghomonian) is an outstanding worker and I believe he will be one of the semester’s strongest assets,” Gilroy said.

Soghomonian said he became interested in being part of the ASG after being asked by its board members. He soon began attending the ASG meetings to show his enthusiasm in joining the organization.

Soghomonian said he feels that he can be a voice of reason for the ASG.

“I have no problems voicing my opinion and speaking my mind,” Soghomonian said. “I’m very blunt and very honest.”

Soghomonian’s primary goal while serving on the ASG is to encourage the student government members to communicate, cooperate and become a unit.

He suggested that the ASG pay a visit to a paintball course on Camp Pendleton and have the Marine Corps instructors put them through team training so that they can experience what it’s like to communicate effectively and operate in unison.

“(The ASG) is supposed to be a productive, positive force and that’s what it’s going to be this semester. We’ve already started off in a really strong foot and we’re going to be running the whole time,” Soghomonian said.

Soghomonian plans to transfer to the California Polytechnic State University of San Luis Obispo and train to become a forester, which “is kind of like an engineer of the forest,” he said.

According to Soghomonian, he has learned an important lesson from his experiences in the military and in school.

“Always get what you love. Always do what you love,” Soghomonian said.

He added, “Just keep moving forward and always have that optimism. No matter what’s happening, you always believe you can win, you can succeed.”

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Author: David Shrum

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