Parking woes

Whether it’s circling the parking lot in search of a space or the hassle of coughing up $40 just to park each semester, one thing we all can agree on is that parking on campus is a pain.

And it’s about to get worse.

Campus Police have proposed increasing payment for parking by $10. Making it $50, as if it wasn’t already painful enough.

For starters, the lack of available parking spaces is already a nightmare, so why should students pay more when it’s not even guaranteed you will have a place to park.

Students cannot afford to be nickeled and dimed for the sake of funding the police budget, it’s not their responsibility and it shouldn’t be.

Even just a $10 raise is a hit to the budget when you consider the average hourly rate of a minimum wage job is less than the proposed increase.

Raising the parking fee to $50 would make Palomar the most expensive place to park among community colleges in San Diego County.

The Associated Student Government has said they will not support the increase until they conduct student polls to determine how students feel about the increase.

Students have enough financial challenges dealing with rising tuition fees, costly textbooks and the added stress of classes being cut.

With all the renovation and construction around campus, it’s hard to believe that the voice of reason hasn’t appeared to mention that a parking structure is not only desperately needed immediately, but would be beneficial to the surrounding community and campus alike.

Shame on Campus Police for banking on the idea that budget revenue should be generated out of students’ pockets; go find funding somewhere else.



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