Failing to represent Palomar

Yelling matches, storming out during meetings, resignations and allowing plans to fall through; the ASG is showing itself to be completely dysfunctional and maybe, unfit to serve.

As student leaders, you are supposed to lead by example. And this is the example you are setting for the rest of the student body?

The ASG has failed to follow through on setting goals, posting minutes on its website (something the Governing Board directed them to do last fall) and better outreach to students has yet to be seen.

ASG’s presence on campus has been sporadic just like the amount of members its managed to keep this semester — several members either resigned or were forced out. Who knows if anyone will be left by the end of the semester?

If anything, most students probably aren’t aware our student government even exists. The disconnect has been and continues to be a problem.

Not to mention, the lack of transparency. The Vice President position was filled without any sort of election and without most of the student body being aware that the position was open and they could have applied.

ASG’s absence on campus and inability to communicate with students is why we were not represented in Sacramento for the March on March event.

Only able to sign up 21 students out of thousands to go on a free trip to Sacramento shows a complete inadequacy and lack of foresight on their part.

Then, to cancel on those students that signed up because of not wanting to spend the money on such a small group, demonstrates that they did not not believe that even a small group could have a powerful voice.

Even it was only 21 students, a small group representing Palomar would have been better than none.

With no legitimate plans for its Women’s History Month event, it doesn’t look any better for upcoming events this semester.

With ASG elections approaching, students should consider the state of the current ASG and consider running for office.






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  1. I do not believe this article is accurate in regards to the ASG. Having served as a ASG senator myself for more than 2 terms, I can say that the ASG is very active. The problem is the ASG is constantly attacked by the faculty and staff at Palomar college under the assumption that the ASG is simply subordinates to them. As if the ASG should not have a free voice. I have personally witnessed several staff members go out of their way to cause trouble for the ASG. Such staff members should be ashamed of themselves because even at their ripe age and education, they are unwilling to put their personal beliefs aside and help their students succeed. Not cool at all!

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