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The Telescope Newspaper Staff — Spring 2015


Susan Whaley, Editor-in-Chief

Susan Whaley is in her fourth and final semester at The Telescope. After attending Palomar for some time now, she is close to graduating with an associates degree in Journalism while hopefully transferring to SDSU. She loves travel, adventure and hopes one day to use her writing talent to explore the world more. Besides being in the newsroom everyday, Susan goes rock climbing, slacklining and plays chess. And she loves hanging out with her cat, Gandalf.


Mike Peterson, Managing and Opinion Editor

Mike Peterson has been writing on and off for The Telescope for four semesters. With most of a transfer degree in Journalism completed, he hopes to move on to CSUSM or a similar local college soon. He hopes to nab a job in some form of investigative journalism or advertising. He enjoys literature, cycling, vinyl records and good bourbon.


Christopher Bullock,  Sports Editor

Christopher Bullock has been with The Telescope since 2013, originally starting as a Communications major. After his first semester with the paper, he found that Journalism was his calling, and has since pursued his AA degree in the field. He hopes to attend either CSU-Northridge or Sacramento State in order to continue his education. When not in school, he plays guitar for a local metal band. Chris is also engaged to his longtime crush, Ashley.


Stephen Davis, Photo Editor


Joel Vaughn,  Arts and Entertainment Co-Editor

Joel Vaughn is in his second year at Palomar, and this is his first semester at The Telescope. He acquired his current position as Co-Editor of A&E due to his experience with Palomar’s Art Depart as a form Illustration major. Joel still exercises his ability to draw when he has the free time to do so, but you could say it’s more of a hobby than an academic study. Rather than looking towards a career in the arts, he has opted to pursue writing as a future career prospect. He also enjoys taking part in various recreational activities; such as the cinema and reading the various Emersonian essays.


Steven Buriek, Arts and Entertainment Co-Editor

Steven Buriek is a first generation American with Argentinian roots and sufficient facial hair. He started out in the Fall semester as a staff writer for the telescope with raw talent, and has moved up the ranks to Arts & Entertainment editor. He will graduate from Palomar this semester and aspires to transfer to either SDSU or Cal State Long Beach. A beer and food aficionado with a bottomless pit for a stomach. He is an avid soccer player and surfer, low profile vocalist, and party person. He enjoys his weekends more than women enjoy Nutella and Netflix.


Kirk Mattu,  Online Editor

Kirk Mattu is one of the more sarcastic staffers in the newsroom. He is into his second semester with The Telescope and many more with the college after changing his major several times. Currently pursing an associates degree in Computer Science, Kirk plans on transferring to CSUN within the next year. While he loves to spend copious amounts of his life studying for college (and maybe less in the newsroom), he would much rather spend it on important things like sleeping or watching Friends on Netflix. Kirk likes to travel around SoCal for the trendiest ice cream joints or read up on current tech and fashion.


Deb Hellman, Business Manager and Instructional Assistant


Erin Hiro, Telescope Adviser


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