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The Telescope Newspaper Staff — Fall 2016



Joel Vaughn,   Editor-in-Chief

Currently, Joel Vaughn co-edits news and herds production for The Telescope. This being being his first year at the paper, it has all but consumed his life and time. Other than living and breathing Palomar news Joel also enjoys: writing reviews when he has nothing else to write, cooking when he has time in his day to eat, drinking beer when he has money, and sleeping when he has almost died.




Abraham (A.J.) Jewett, Arts and Entertainment editor

Abraham Jewett is the Arts and Entertainment editor at The Telescope. He enjoys sports, the beach and hanging out with friends. He is focused on his studies and hopes to have a future in journalism and writing.


Colin Daugherty, Sports editor

Colin Daugherty is a sports editor for The Telescope. This is his second semester writing for The Telescope and Impact Magazine. He is trying to become a sportswriter and write about MLB and NFL. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music and watching TV and movies.


Tracy Grassel, Photo editor

Tracy Grassel is a Palomar College student who is majoring in Photography with a minor in Digital Graphic Arts. This is her fourth year at Palomar and hopes to graduate in 2016/2017. Her favorite saying is:
Every morning you have two choices: Continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them. ~Unknown

Staff writers



Noah Callahan

Noah Callahan loves to write articles that have a focus around emotion and achievement. Callahan’s favorite part of the publishing process is the reporting, where he feels it can be both a challenging experience as he tries to unlock the details of a story and yet one of the most rewarding as he gets to learn so much from each source. Callahan also enjoys transition/vert skateboarding, and writing/producing music under the name “KDMA.”







Kitty Pinney

Kitty Pinney is a graphic design student with hopes to someday transfer to Long Beach. She is known to geek out over cats and glasses and consumes far too much caffeine.



Coleen Burnham

Coleen Burnham is a student at Palomar College. She is majoring in Photography and currently works as a photographer.  She specializes in shooting wildlife and sports. She has worked as a Graphic/Web Designer most of her life and holds a Graphic Design degree. She is very passionate about animal/human rights, wildlife/conservation and environmental issues.



Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones is a first year photographer for The Telescope. He is currently caught between Computer Science and Photography. He would tell you what his hopes, dreams, and aspirations are but they would only change tomorrow. Right now its something information security related. Again.


Johnny Jones

Johnny Jones Photographer and retired military veteran who served 24 years in the United States Navy, hand-picked to manage the media department gaining photography experience shooting with combat camera  completed his bachelor in Business and Science from the University of Phoenix  now currently seeking an AS in Graphic Design at Palomar. Hobbies include: woodworking, golfing and head-shot and model photography. His short term goal is to complete the AS in graphic design while long term includes complete his MBA. I love interacting with people.





Sergio Soares

Sergio Soares has been studying photography at Palomar since 2010.  He enjoys photographing people particularly in their outside environment.  As a photojournalist he is interested in learning about story telling using multimedia.  His other passions are cooking and cars.



Deb Hellman, Business Manager and Instructional Assistant


Erin Hiro, Telescope Adviser

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