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Telescope Staff Fall 2016

Telescope Staff Fall 2016

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KIRK MATTU EDITOR-IN-CHIEF:  Kirk Mattu is in his fourth semester at The Telescope where  he had previously served as news and  online editors and lab writer. As the paper’s EIC  Mattu has a hankering for news and design.

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Kirkrk Mattu, Editor-in-Chief

Kirk Mattu is in his second year at The Telescope where had previously served as it’s online editor and lab writer. As the paper’s news editor Mattu has a hankering for news and design.



Abraham (A.J.) Jewett, Managing and Sports editor

Abraham Jewett is the Arts and Entertainment editor at The Telescope. He enjoys sports, the beach and hanging out with friends. He is focused on his studies and hopes to have a future in journalism and writing.



Jacob Tucker, News editor

Staff writer Jacob Tucker is a political science/journalism double major in his first semester at the Telescope. He is hoping to transfer to San Jose State next fall and in his spare time he likes to play the piano and read political news. He is hoping to become a political reporter for a media outlet like NPR or Washington Post, which is why he decided to write for The Telescope. He makes smoothies and Açai bowls for a living and likes to go on road trips in his camper that he’s been building in the back of a cargo van.


Cristina Angel, Co-Arts and Culture editor

Staff Writer Cristina Angel is an English Major, starting her first semester at Palomar, and as a writer for The Telescope; she has a love for writing, so naturally she joined the journalism program at Palomar. She hopes to transfer to CSUSM once her lower division classes are completed at Palomar. In her spare time, she likes to do creative writing, art (lately, painting on vinyl records), and listening to music. She’s really into her cat, Jasper, and Brussels Griffon Terrier, Olive. She dreads going to school every week, yet— ironically— she wants to become an English professor, as well as get the needed credentials to teach English online as a second language to kids abroad. When she moves out, her mom said she will make sure she always has a Keurig machine available to her; if caffein is involved, Cristina is in.


Bethany Nash, Co-Arts and Culture editor

Staff writer Bethany Nash is a Multimedia Journalism and Criminal Investigation Major in her first semester with The Telescope. She spends most of her time training in ballet, but in her free time Bethany loves to go on adventures with her friends, such as hiking, kayaking, or really anything new and interesting.


Linus Smith, Co-Opinion editor

Linus Smith is a  third year student at Palomar finishing his general education classes. He started coming to Palomar when he was 15 years old, and is interested in American politics and history.  He is taking a journalism class to learn new writing techniques, as well as refine the way he expresses his ideas and opinions.


Hayley Stevenson, Online editor

Staff writer Hayley Stevenson is a student journalist in her first semester with The Telescope. In her spare time she enjoys reading fiction novels, playing video games, baking, and volunteering for an animal shelter. She is new to Palomar College in the Fall 2016 semester and has been employed as a student worker at the college’s student affairs office. She hopes to become a journalist or creative writer while also promoting and volunteering for animal welfare.



Tracy Grassel, Photo editor

Tracy Grassel is the photo editor who is majoring in Photography with a minor in Digital Graphic Arts. This is her fourth year at Palomar and hopes to graduate in 2017. Her favorite saying is: Every morning you have two choices: Continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them. ~Unknown


Morgan Burns, Social Media and Co-Opinion editor


Kitty Pinney, Art Editor

Kitty Pinney is a graphic design student with hopes to someday transfer to Long Beach. She is known to geek out over cats and glasses and consumes far too much caffeine.


Staff writers



Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown is striving for an Associates Degree in General Studies and is in his first semester with The Telescope. He hopes to finish school as soon as possible so that he may find a well-paying job and move out of his parents home. He loves sports, animals, and tweeting out silly pictures on twitter. He has a goal of possibly getting hired by some sort of news outlet to write about sports or anything pertaining to an active lifestyle. He also knows that this profession is a competitive one and would need to step up his game and take this goal much more seriously if he has any real intentions of landing such a job.




Marisela Cortes

Staff writer Marcy Cortes is a Journalism major in her first semester with The Telescope. She hopes to be at San Diego State University next fall continuing her Journalism major and hopes to return in a few years to complete her A.A. in Fashion Merchandise. Eventually, she sees herself writing for any of the world’s well known fashion magazines such as NYLON, PAPER or hopefully, VOGUE.


Josh Cortez

Staff Writer Josh Cortez is a Journalism major in his first semester with The Telescope. He hopes to earn an Associate’s Degree in Journalism and Possibly transfer to a four-year university. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, working with middle schoolers for the Boys and Girls club in Escondido, watching the Steelers, going to Dodgers games in Los Angeles, and playing with his two dogs. He hopes to become a better writer and journalist so that he may one day begin a career as a sports journalist.



Kyle Fillat

Kyle Fillat is a Journalism major in his second semester at Palomar College. This is his first semester writing for The Telescope. Born and raised in San Diego, Kyle hopes to transfer to San Diego State University as soon as he can. He hopes to use The Telescope to build his portfolio and in order to gain recognition for his writing. His preference in writing is opinion-based sports analyzing. Kyle is most confident in his writing related to baseball and basketball, mostly following the Red Sox, Celtics, Clippers, and Padres, when they aren’t incredibly dreadful to watch. When he is not watching sports or writing, Kyle works at GoodOnYa Cafe in Encinitas, CA.


Seji Gaerlan

Seji Gaerlan, is a Journalism major in his first semester with The Telescope. He currently studies at Palomar College and hopes to transfer to San Diego State University. He does not get a whole lot of spare time in general, whenever he is not at school, he usually rehearses for dance competitions with his team Articulate. He competes at some national Urban style hip-hop circuits such as Bridge Jr’s, World of Dance, Maxt Out, etc. And when he does get enough time for himself, he tends to create videography projects with different groups of people or write spoken word poetry.


Kyle Ingram

Kyle Ingram is a Journalism and  Human and Behavioral Sciences majors. He hopes to get into journalism working either for ESPN or other big sports networks. He wants two majors of study to have options on his career.  His hobbies are watching sports, reading comic books, watching movies.  He likes to hang out with friends and family.




Ashley Magdaleno

Staff writer Ashley Magdaleno is a Communications Broadcasting major in her first semester with The Telescope. She plans to be standing on the field reporting for the MLB in the future, either in English or Spanish. In her spare time, you can catch Ashley at the gym continuing her weight loss journey—96 lbs. down so far, or getting involved in community service events. She is an ambassador for Relay for Life and Thyca: Thyroid Cancer Awareness—2-year Papillary Thyroid Cancer SURVIVOR! In February 2017, she will be competing for Miss California International, representing Miss North County San Diego. As of right now, Ashley has two turtles and three fur babies: two Pugs and a Terrier.





Anissa Ocansey

Anissa Ocansey is an eclectic soul with a variety of interests and goals that match her persona. Originally a nursing major, she has always had an unquenchable thirst to express her creativity in all forms. This eventually drew her into the arts of broadcasting and journalism. The student Emmy nominee plans on transferring to Cal State San Marcos to complete her nursing degree while also fulfilling herself creatively in every avenue she chooses. Anissa enjoys the little things, the bigger things, shiny things, and edible things. All things interesting, odd, and captivating.



Talia Bencivenga


Noah Callahan,

Noah Callahan loves to write articles that have a focus around emotion and achievement. Callahan’s favorite part of the publishing process is the reporting, where he feels it can be both a challenging experience as he tries to unlock the details of a story and yet one of the most rewarding as he gets to learn so much from each source. Callahan also enjoys transition/vert skateboarding, and writing/producing music under the name “KDMA.”

Jordan Carroll
Kylie Dukes
Jose Herrera
Maurice Thomas



Cam Buker



Coleen Burnham

Coleen Burnham is a student at Palomar College. She is majoring in Photography and currently works as a photographer.  She specializes in shooting wildlife and sports. She has worked as a Graphic/Web Designer most of her life and holds a Graphic Design degree. She is very passionate about animal/human rights, wildlife/conservation and environmental issues.



Joe Dusel

Joe Dusel is a first semester photographer with The Telescope.  When not photographing for The Telescope he enjoys photography,  politics, vegan cooking, woodworking and music.





Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones is a first year photographer for The Telescope. He is currently caught between Computer Science and Photography. He would tell you what his hopes, dreams, and aspirations are but they would only change tomorrow. Right now its something information security related. Again.


Johnny Jones

Johnny Jones Photographer and retired military veteran who served 24 years in the United States Navy, hand-picked to manage the media department gaining photography experience shooting with combat camera  completed his bachelor in Business and Science from the University of Phoenix  now currently seeking an AS in Graphic Design at Palomar. Hobbies include: woodworking, golfing and head-shot and model photography. His short term goal is to complete the AS in graphic design while long term includes complete his MBA. I love interacting with people.



Bruce WoodwardBruce Woodward is a first semester photographer for The Telescope. He is currently working on getting an AA in photography and dreams of becoming a well known artist.In his free time he likes to play video games and work on photo projects.

Deb Hellman, Business Manager and Instructional Assistant

Erin Hiro, Telescope Adviser

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