Comment Policy

The Telescope invites readers to offer their opinion and response to articles through the comment form at the bottom of each page.

The newspaper’s comment policy is evolving. We’re trying to find the best way to promote free, fair and thought provoking discussion.

For now, the newspaper’s editorial board has decided to require users to comment under their real names by logging in through their Facebook accounts. The editors made this decision in the hopes that users would maintain appropriate decorum and think twice before posting¬†destructive¬†or rude responses.

The editorial board also hopes to connect like-minded users and foster a better community on The Telescope’s website.

The Telescope does not record or store any Facebook log in data other than a commenter’s name, photo and a link to their Facebook profile, unless the commenter chooses to send additional information. Passwords are not stored.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about this policy, please send an email to the newspaper’s editor-in-chief at