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Essentials of Oceanography 10th Edition received the prestigious 2012 "Text" textbook excellence award. The Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA), which grants the award, recognizes printed works for their excellence in the areas of content, presentation, appeal, and teachability. The publisher, Pearson Education, nominated the book for the award and the textbook was critically reviewed by a panel of expert judges.

bullet Presentations and Other Media

Teaching about Productivity (pdf) presented at an OOI oceanography instructor's workshop at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey (May 2016)

El Niño & La Niña (pdf) presented at the Water Dogs Dive Club meeting in Carlsbad, California (March 2015)
A Cooperative Learning Group Exam Using the IF-AT Assessment Tool (pdf) presented at the On Course National Conference in Anaheim, California (April 2016) Writing and Revising: The 20-Year Evolution of an Oceanography Textbook (pdf) presented as an online Webinar for the Text and Academic Authors Association (January 2014)
A Learner-Centered Class from Day 1: Using Station-to-Station to Cover Your Syllabus (pdf) presented at the On Course National Conference in Anaheim, California (April 2016) (includes stations) Developing Interactive Lectures Using Active Learning Techniques (pdf) presented as a Professional Development Workshop at Palomar College (September 2013)
Tips, Tricks, and an Active Learning Technique for Teaching about the Two Troublesome Toddlers: El Nino and La Nina (YouTube) presented as a Webinar for Pearson Education (March 2016) Best Practices for Teaching Oceanography 100 Online (pdf) presented at the ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana (February 2013) and at a Pearson Education Workshop in Newport Beach, California (March 2013)
An Introduction to On Course: Strategies for Creating Student Success (pdf) presented at the 1-Day Learner-Centered Teaching Conference at Palomar College (October 2015) The Oceans and Climate Change (pdf) (ongoing Profession Development Workshop at Palomar College, based on information in Essentials of Oceanography, 12th Edition, Chapter 16)
I'm Listening: Encouraging Student Feedback and Incorporating Student Comments into Your Textbook (pdf) presented at the Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA) Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada (June 2015) (see also the attached pdf file showing the results of the session's small group brainstorming activity about encouraging student feedback) Podcast: Al Trujillo talks about some current issues in oceanography with Alan Stahler of KVMR radio, Nevada City (November 2010)

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bullet Oceanography 100 Online: Instructions to Students (required reading before classes start)
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bullet Link to class Blackboard site (view grades and submit assignments, including the Writing Assignment)
bullet Careers in Oceanography and Marine Science (See also Appendix V in Essentials of Oceanography)

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bullet Personal info and a few pictures of Mr. T and his family

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