The Students Can Expect the Instructor to:
bulletbe interested, excited, and enthusiastic about this course and the material
bulletmake extensive use of the textbook
bulletassume that you are familiar with the chapter before I discuss it in class
bulletmake the course applicable to everyday life
bulletshow many types of visual aids in class to assist learning
bulletinclude some questions on the exam that require you to think about the material
bulletinvolve you in the material during in-class exercises
bulletprovide you with useful information via the World Wide Web
bulletrespond promptly to messages left on my voice-mail or e-mail
bulletmake efficient use of class time
bulletstart and end class on time
bullethave fun while teaching

The Instructor Expects the Students to:
bulletattend class regularly
bulletget any notes and assignments from another student for any missed class
bulletarrive in class on time (not more than 2 minutes late)
bulletask questions in class (but no unnecessary talking)
bulletknow how to contact the instructor
bulletdedicate time outside of class for study
bullettake responsibility for your own learning
bulletcome to class prepared
bulletread (or at least look at) the chapter beforehand
bulletbring your textbook (and a few colored pencils) to class
bulletparticipate in group and in-class activities
bulletbe willing to become involved in the course
bulletbe courteous—to me and to your classmates
bullethave fun while learning