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Tony Smith

Professor, Computer Science

Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT) Department

Palomar College
San Marcos, California

Last webpage update: 5/22/2018



My Fall 2018 schedule
- registration for Fall 2018 begins May 31st
- you must register as early as possible.  My sections always fill up fast
- a beginning programming class is generally easier in the classroom than online.  I recommend taking CSCI 112 Programming Fundamentals I in the classroom if possible
70356 CSCI 114 Programming Fundamentals II    TTh    1:20pm-4:10pm      MD-220 
70358 CSCI 114 Programming Fundamentals II    (online)
73316 CSCI 114 Programming Fundamentals II    (online)
70523 CSCI 222 C++ and OOP    (online)


My Spring 2018 schedule
31560 CSCI 112 Programming Fundamentals I    (online)

31602 CSCI 114 Programming Fundamentals II    TTh    1:20pm-4:10pm      MD-234 
31604 CSCI 114 Programming Fundamentals II    (online)
31606 CSCI 114 Programming Fundamentals II    (online)


Future Palomar College class schedules are available here:


Teaching experience
22nd year as full-time Computer Science instructor at Palomar


Different CS classes taught (current/old course numbering)
CSCI 242 / CSIS 288 Windows programming II (with MFC)
CSCI 222 / CSIS 280 C++ programming
CSCI 220 / CSIS 235 C programming
CSCI 130 / CSIS 225 Intro to UNIX
CSCI 210 / CSIS 221 Data structures
CSCI 114 Programming Fundamentals II
CSCI 112 Programming Fundamentals I
CSCI 110 / CSIS 220 Programming for Computer Science
CSCI 108 / CSIS 160 Survey of Computer Science


Ph.D. in Computer Science, Kingston Polytechnic, England
B.S. in Computer Science, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, England


A yes vote on this measure means you don't want the Legislature to disapprove the authorization to reject its consent to sanction the cancellation
A yes vote means you don't want it
So simple an adult can do it
Don't ask a barber whether you need a haircut
"Remember, we're not happy until you're not happy" - airline slogan
It's more like it is now than it has ever been before
On the surface, nothing much is happening.  Underneath the surface, absolutely nothing is happening
Warning - any child left unattended in computer labs will be given an espresso and a free puppy
Being so vague isn't as bad as that other thing I do
It said 'Windows 10 or better' on the box.  So I installed Linux
Paolo Bacigalupi.  William Gibson.  Takeshi Kovacs series.  Haruki Murakami.  David Mitchell.  Some M. John Harrison.  Geoff Dyer.  Jonathan Raban.  Some Greg Bear.  Early Charles Stross.  Iain (M) Banks.  Ian McEwan.  Martin Amis.  Will Self.  Anthony Trollope.


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