Please respond to the following questions and prompts.

  Chapter 1:

  Describe California’s diversity with attention to lands, regions, resources, people, and economy.

  Chapter 2:

  Historically, who has “ruled” California? What historical developments contributed to modern California?

  Chapter 3:

1.      How many words are in the California constitution? How many times has it been amended?

2.      The original California constitution was written in 1849. When was the 2nd constitution written?

3.      California’s constitution contains substantial trivia, including the minimum annual salary for teachers. What is that minimum?

4.      What is the initiative?

5.      What is the referendum?

6.      What is the recall?

7.      In 2000, how much more tax revenue did California send to the Federal Government than it received in Federal spending?

8.      According to the text, what is California’s economic ranking in the world?

9.      What INS program was started to stop illegal immigration?

Chapter 4:

Describe the impact of Proposition 13.

Describe two ways that the Initiative has been abused in California.

How do you Recall an elected official in California?

Chapter 5:

Using Table 5.1, describe who is most likely to vote in California.

Who is prohibited from voting in California?

Using Figure 5.1, describe the political geography of California.

Chapter 6:

Name some of the most influential newspapers in California.

Chapter 7:

What is partisan gerrymandering?

What is incumbent gerrymandering?

Chapter 8:

Who are the major officials of the California executive branch?

Chapter 9:

Describe how since 1972, California has flip-flopped on the death penalty.

How many inmates are there on California’s Death Row?

Chapter 10:

How many counties are there in California?

Name 10 California counties that you have never heard of before.


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