History 101 and 102

The History Project is design to involve the student with American history events and activities in some way that goes beyond the class and lecture. It can be accomplished in two ways:

  1. A PAPER: This is the traditional approach comprised of writing a research paper of at least three pages, typed and double spaced, on a topic of your choice [I can help with suggestions for topics if needed]. The paper is formal in nature, with the style, organization, spelling, grammar, etc., are as closely graded as the content. All papers must employ a minimum of three sources (no encyclopedias) and list the sources used in bibliographic form. Failure to list sources will result in the project dropping one full grade.


  1. A PRESENTATION: This is generally a presentation to the class but can be done in many and varied forms. You can give a formal oral presentation to the class [not to exceed 5 minutes in duration] on a topic of your choice. You can present artifactual evidence to the class. You can give a musical presentation, live or taped depending on your intestinal fortitude. You can do an artistic presentation relative to the historical era. You can sing, dance, dress up, cook, dramatize, do stand-up comedy [historically relevant stand-up comedy of course!] or anything else you can think of. The more imaginative and inventive the presentation the better. 


Whichever method you choose, it must be completed by the due date set in the syllabus.

Any questions: 744-1150, ext. 2714, or e-mail: cjohnson@palomar.edu

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