1957: Sputnik was launched and so was I on Thanksgiving Day at 4:00pm, prime turkey time!

1960: Kennedy elected President and I was potty trained. I’m not sure which my parents enjoyed more?

1961: The Berlin Wall goes up and on the home front my sister (age 5) tries to poison me with moth balls–stomach pumping not fun!!

1962: Cuban Missile crisis and I get stung by a bee at Kindergarten!

1963: Martin Luther King Jr. Marched on Washington and I had to walk home from First Grade!

1968: Tet Offensive and mass student activities. I was in Chicago the day before the riots at the Democratic National Convention–never saw so many Hippies in my life! Joined Boy Scouts!

1970: U.S. bombs Cambodia, I get my first Kiss!

1972: Watergate break-in by CREEP! Nixon was the crook, but I did smoke marijuana and did inhale, and start coughing and not really like it.

1973: Roe v. Wade and I played football for Riverside Poly v. Fontana High. We lost!

1974-1975: Nixon resigns and I got my licence. U.S. pulls out of Viet Nam and I met Patti (future Wife!). Graduate High School!

1976: Jimmy Carter elected President and I was captain of the Riverside City College football team.

1979: "Moral Majority" formed and I graduate from Fresno State (must be coincidence!).

1980: Soviet Union invades Afghanistan and I get married ( my marriage much healthier and enduring!).

1981: Ronald Reagan elected, first AIDS cases reported and I begin my PhD at U. C. Riverside.

1983: Reagan promotes "Stars Wars," ERA fails but I pass my PhD comprehensive exams–at least someone was doing something right that year.

1984: Olympics in LA, Reagan mines Nicaraguan harbors, and most important, my first daughter Allison is born June 26!!

1987: Gorbachev meets Reagan in Washington D. C. and I meet Katie, my second daughter, born May 22!!!

1988: Bush elected, Pan Am airliner bombed, I finally finish my PhD.

1992: Ross Perot runs for President and I apply for a job at Palomar College. I get the job (he doesn’t!) and begin teaching the finest community college students in the nation.

History is change over time:

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