Biology 201, Foundations in Biology II 


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Important Links

Animal Histology Slides at:

Information regarding a number of invertebrate species can be found at:

A Sand Dollar's Early Embryology at:

Answers to Global Warming Skeptics at:

Key to the Pigeon Skeleton at:

Human Muscle Keys at:

Amazing List of Anatomy/Physiology Web Sites at:, , and

More Anatomical/Medical Animations at: and

Sheep Brain Dissection Websites/Information at:

Pretty Good Source for Reviewing Fetal Pig Dissection at: 

MIT Video Courses at:

USAF's Public Health Information and Resources Agency

CDC's Division of Parasitic Diseases (DPDx)

Animations of How Drugs Work in the Brain

The World's Greatest Science Blog at:

The Guttmacher Institute--Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health

The Encyclopedia of Life

The Tree of Life Web Site at:

Great Microbiology Web Site at:

Great Zoology Blog at:

Evo-Devo in Sixty Seconds

Horse Evolution Discussed at:

A Link to Detailed Human Cadaver Dissection Videos

Link to Sheep Heart Dissection

Links to Human Skeletal Anatomy

A link to the Anatomy Models Used in Class

An Excellent Presentation of Mendelian and Molecular Genetics at:

Get Information On Any Species at:

Testing a Theory--The Cambrian Radiation (Explosion)

Let Intellectual Freedom Ring:

Closing Arugments in Dover, Pa Trial

Even Religious Universities Won't Touch the Stuff

ID Meeting its Maker

Creationist (Intelligent Design) Arguments Addressed at:

The Problem With Non-scientists Talking About Evolution

In Their Own Words: Intelligent Design Isn't Science

If The Truth Won't Work, Dazzle Them With Cow "Manure"

Fifteen Answers to Creationist Nonsense (from Scientific American) at:

Thirty-four Unconvincing Arguments for Existence of God at:

A Religions Discussion at:

Compare Creation Myths at:

U. C.  Berkeley's Evolution web page.  Resources for teaching as well general evolutionary knowledge

Some Frank Evolutionary Discussions at: 

A Number of Evolutionary Concepts Discussed at:

"Show Me the Science" an  Editorial from NY Times Addresses ID, By Daniel Dennett, Tufts University

Show Me the Science

Pastafarianism is Coming to an Evolutionary Theory Near You at:

Read the trial transcript of Clarence Darrow's questioning of noted "Creation Scientist" William Jennings Bryan at the famous Scopes Trail in Dayton, Tennesse in 1925

Evolutionists address proponents of Intelligent Design at the following links:

An Analogy for Theory, and an Application of that Analogy to Evolutionary Theory and Intelligent Designers

A Great Website on Molecular Genetics

A List of Biblical Contradictions

For A Collection of Poems, Sayings, and Quotes of Interest

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