Point of Contact: Bob and Ellen Weller with     Mark Dresser (to be released March 1, 2008 on Circumvention Records)

Contents: Society for the Abolition of Redundancy Society / Coalescence / Cassini-Huygens / His Lucent Empire / Mandelbrot / Concatenation / Spiral Galaxy / Strange Attractor / Collusion / Point of Contact Suite / Fog of War/Afternath

Ellen Weller

Audio Samples

Spirits, Little Dreams and Improvisations - 2004 Circumvention Records) Ellen Weller, Lisle Ellis, Marcos Fernandes, Vinny Golia, Nathan Hubbard, George Lewis, Bertram Turetzky, Scott Walton, Bob Weller, Charlie Weller, Robert Zelickman

Contents: Elemental 1-1, Dybbuk, Dialogic #2, Unfinished Business, Elemental 1-3, The Rebbe's Premonition (Doina), Grandma Rose's Dreml (Little Dream), Elemental 3-1, Possession/Corruption of the Vulnerable, Elemental 1-2, Inner Struggle, Council of the Elders, Elemental 2-2, Dialogic #1, Peering in from the Other Side, Celebration, Transfiguration, and Release into the Ether, Elemental 1-5