Writing Assignment # 4 - Love is a Fallacy

Love is a fallacy writing assignment.

             The last writing assignment will be to write a comedy using the paper by Max Shulman “Love is a Fallacy “in our text as a model.  The length of the paper is be two to three pages typed and double spaced.  The paper is due on the due date listed in the syllabus and it can be turned in on the day that it is due or by e-mail on that same day.

  There are several elements that need to be included in this paper.  You will be writing a story from the first person perspective that will include at least three characters that roughly correspond to the characters in the Love is a fallacy story.  You will be creating your own characters and there will need to be at least 5 to 10 fallacies that are discussed in the course of your comedy.  If you choose only five, then in the “Ironic twist “section in the end all five must be used.

            The ironic twist section is where you will need to simulate the situation where the student turns around knowledge of the fallacies learned by the teacher in the comedic unforeseen way.

            A minimum of five but not more than ten fallacies should be included in your comedy.  At least half of the fallacies must be from the list that we covered in class and the other half can be from the story. 

            In addition to the student – teacher dynamic to introduce the several fallacies, a contemporary “fad” should also be included in the beginning of the story.

            Additional features that you might want to include are contemporary slang language often illustrated by the character “Polly” in the story and self reflective comments on the progress of the student by the narrator.