John Valdez

Multicultural Studies


Chicano Literature
CS 105
Fall 2014
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CS 105 - Chicano Literature
Class #71260
MW from 2:00 PM - 3:20 PM
Room MD-328 (San Marcos Campus)
3 units

Fulfills the Multicultural Requirement/ Humanities Requirement

Course Description  

3 hours lecture

A survey of Chicano literature from its pre-Columbian origins. Analyzes the identity conflicts resulting from the dual cultures of Mexican and American worlds through literary works. Introduces the student to the rich and culturally diverse Chicano and Chicana authors that reflect the literary traditions that have mirrored the Chicano-Mexican reality in the United States.

         Will include a look at gender variations, Japanese-American experience,  LGBTQ realities through stories and poetry in Chicana/o Literature.

         Will be an enjoyable experience as students learn about diversity within the literary readings on culture and fulfill the multicultural requirement.

         This course will improve the studentís discussion, reading, comprehension, and writing skills.