MUS 184

MIDI Special Topics/Composition









Persichetti, Vincent.  Twentieth Century Harmony.  W.W. Norton and Company.


Edstrom, Brent.   Making Music With Your Computer, Second Edition. EM Books, 2001, ( LLC).  ISBN 0-87288-744-8.


Dodge, Charles and Thomas A. Jerse.  Computer Music: Synthesis, Composition and Performance.  Second edition.  New York: Macmillan Library, 1997.




This class is intended to be equal parts fun and hard work.  You may work with me on an individually designed project (such as scoring music for a video game, for example), or do a traditional composition project.  Your grade is based on attendance, completed lab hours, effort, general participation and regular completion of work, and participation in the concerts.


Week 1



Week 2

Melody to go with a film, poem, lyrics, book, dance, or video game.


Week 3

Introduction to scale materials


Week 4

Use of leitmotivs in music


Week 5

Introduction to intervals


Week 6

Preparation for Expo performance


Week 7

Preparation for Expo performance


Week 8

Theme and variations


Week 9

Chord construction and progression


Week 10

Chord construction and progression continued


Week 11

Composition using an ostinato


Week 12

Scale materials revisited


Week 13

Preparation for concert


Week 14

Preparation for concert


Week 15

Work on final projects


Week 16

Work on final projects