Music Appreciation

Summer 2003


Prof. Madelyn Byrne

744-1150x2809, D3-L


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Upon successful completion of this course students will:

A.      Have become familiar with the literature of music, its styles, forms, vocabulary and  

      other aspects that contribute to a basic knowledge of the art.

B.    Learn to listen intelligently and sensitively by perceiving what is occurring 


C.    Have developed a sensitivity to (or liking for) particular kinds of music.

D.    Have become familiar with the broad historical survey presented in class and to

        concentrate especially on five or six composers representing each style period in 


E.    Have developed an awareness of the music opportunities available to the North

       County Community and to begin to participate in some of these activities. 


TEXT:   Music:  An Appreciation. (Fourth Brief Edition, McGraw-Hill, Publishers) by   Roger Kamien  This text comes with a set of Compact Disks which are also required.



A.    Students must attend class! Two unexcused absences will result in a failing grade,

so show up!

B.    Must listen to the assigned CD’s while following the listening chart provided in the text, as there will be tests on the assigned compositions.

C.    Must do all of the assigned reading.

D.    Must participate in a group project.


There will also be quizzes, a midterm exam and a final exam.




Quizzes -------------------------------------------------40%

Attendance, class participation--------------------10%

Participation in Group Projects-------------------10%

Midterm Exam ---------------------------------------20%

Final Exam --------------------------------------------20%













6/21  Elements

         Read Parts I and II, pp. 1- 88


6/23  Present your favorite music for extra credit using the three levels model

         Early Music

         Read Part III, pp.89 - 144


6/28 QUIZ 1

        Baroque Music

        Read Part IV, pp. 145 - 170


6/30 Classical Music

        Focus on Form

        Finish Reading Part IV, 170 - 202




7/7  QUIZ 2

       Classical Music Continued

       Focus on Composers


7/12 The Music of Beethoven


7/14 QUIZ 3

        Review for Midterm Exam



        Introduction to Music of the Romantic Period

        Read Part V, pp.  203 -- 278


7/21 Music of the Romantic Era


7/26 QUIZ 4

        The Romantic Period Continued

        Read Part VI, pp. 279 -- 340


7/28 Twentieth Century Music

        Read Part VI, pp. 341 – 384


8/2  QUIZ 5

       Twentieth Century Music Continued

       Read Part VII, pp. 385 - 398


8/4  Twentieth Century Music Continued


8/9  Class Presentations


8/11 Review for Final Exam