Listed below are some of the documents that I have passed out, or will pass out, in class. They are in "pdf" format, which means you'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader (which is free to download) to read them.

The textbooks and Course Packets for all of my classes are available online through the Palomar College Bookstore and eFollet.

General Documents

Confidential Questionnaire (from the first day of class)

Art 100

Introduction (from the first week's introductory slide lecture; click here to go the web version of this document)

Art 100 Syllabus for Fall 2016, MONDAY/WEDNESDAY classes
Art 100 Syllabus for Spring 2018, TUESDAY/THURSDAY classes

Art 165

Art 165 Syllabus for Spring 2019

Art History Scholarship Application for Spring 2017

This scholarship is only open to students who are Art Majors at Palomar College in Spring 2017. You must have completed one art history class at Palomar with a grade of "A," and you must be currently enrolled in another art history class, also with a current grade of "A." Please see application for full requirements, deadlines and directions.

Art 166

Art 166 Syllabus for Fall 2018

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