At the end of each year, the Boehm Gallery on campus hosts a "Student Exhibition." It's always an excellent show and the work is first rate. I'm especially proud when I see works of art by my students. Most of the time I don't even know that some of you, out there in the darkened art history room, are artists yourselves. So, to give you an opportunity to show your work to a wider audience, this page will be devoted to original works of art produced by my students. These works of art were not produced for my class, but by students who are taking, or have taken, one of my classes.

Process for submitting works of art to be posted on this website:
1. Obtain a release form from me (click here to get a "pdf" version of the release form).
2. Fill it out and bring it back with the image of the work of art. Each work of art must have a separate release form.
3. If your work of art is larger than 8 1/2" x 14", or is three-dimensional, then you'll need to bring in either a photograph or slide of your work of art.
4. After I scan your work of art, or a copy of it, I'll return it to you.

Thanks in advance for sharing your talent!

Click on a semester to see student work:

  • Fall 2015
  • Fall 2007
  • Spring 2003
  • Fall 2001
  • Fall 2000