Dr.  Geetha Natarajan 



Palomar College

760-744-1150 ext. 2508

ngeetha@palomar.edu (not for requesting grades)

  OFFICE : 355C; Hours: TTh: 2:30-3:30; W: 12:30-1:30

Courses for Fall 2015:     

Chem 100 Lab:   Syllabus;  

Resources for 100 Lab: 1.sig.figures practice 2. Sig fig. interactive exercise 3) Algebra review  4) Common Element symbols and names;  5)  Nomenclature handout

     For the Nomenclature lab please print and bring the following : a)  b) Periodic chart and c) polyatomic ions key from the links below.

Chem 115 Lab Syllabus; 115 Lab Handouts

Chem 115 Lecture Syllabus; 115 lecture stuff                                                                             


Charts:       Table of strong acids and bases;    Periodic chart;    Solubility GuidelinesPolyatomic ions practice;   Polyatomic ions Key

 Lab Safety quiz;      Safety and Lab Rules      Beginning Algebra Video Links        Intermediate Algebra Video Links

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