Grading Scale for all 30-Point Exams

For this course, point totals (and not letter grades) are kept in my grade book, where the cumulative point total will determine your final letter grade. Still, to let you know how you're doing, for each 30 point exam, here is a grading scale:

Letter Grade

Cutoff Percentage

Point Range depending on the high score

A (Excellent)



B (Good)



C (Satisfactory)



D (Poor)



F (Failing)

below 60%

16 or lower

To calculate your grade divide your score by the high score then multiply by 100 to get percentage. 

Example from quiz #1  Total points 30.  High score 28 If your score is 24 then divide 24 by 28 to get 0.857 then multiply by 100 to get 85.7%

 The class grade will be calculated by the total points rather than the grade for that exam.

Remember that your lowest exam score (which may represent an absence) will be dropped when calculating final grades.

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