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GCMW102   #72237     WEB PAGE LAYOUT I    Room MD 134    Hybrid Thursday     6:00-8:50pm

This class is a hybrid class that meets once a week with hands-on introduction to page layout for the Internet. We will be using blackboard to communicate for the on-line portion of the class. This course will be introducing students to typographic considerations, screen layout, graphical interfaces, and structured page design for effective Internet communications.

class web pages for Deamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is a web development tool that lets you create dynamic web pages containing, text, images, hyper-links, animation, sounds and video, and interactive elements. Each student will be creating individual web pages for testing in class along with a completed web site for your final exam. Also students will be introduced you to SEO (search engine optimization) requirements to prepare you for the SEO class with Mike Zinniger for a more in-depth studies on web search using basic search engine optimization.

San Diego County Fair 2013 Student Showcase Winners
Angel Torres           Best of Show and Best of Class for Promotional/e-Commerce Site


 Instructors Profile

Since 1985 I have been designing in the corporate environment until 1997. Then I began teaching at Palomar College Graphics Department part-time along with my personal Graphics Business. With my fine arts background plus extensive graphic design studies I'm able pass along my knowledge to all you eager students. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

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