AMS 100: Introduction To American Identity and Culture

V. Family History Notebook

Your Family History Notebook will consist of a three ring binder (1-1 1/2 " thick) with top load sheet protectors with the following forms #1- #7. A sample of photos, documents, and records should follow. Finally you will include an Individual Narrative.

Form #1:Basic Data Sheet This is the first handout with basic individual/ cultural data. Generally, you are #1 in all subsequent charts
Form #2: Five Generation Chart(s) 1-17 pedigree charts. Most of you will only have Chart #1 with the 5 generations of direct line ancestors.
Form #3: Ahnentafel Table Basically a family tree showing paternal and maternal descent
Form #4: above part 2  
Form #5: Family Group Sheet Initially this should be your 'Nuclear' family: father/mother - blood/ adoptive plus siblings. Add a group sheet for each of your parents and grandparents.
Form #6: above part 2  
Form #7 Research Log Include any family interviews, records and publications pertaining to your family history. Enter them by the date of research.
Photos, Documentation, Records, You should copy (no originals) of pertinent photos, documents and  records of direct line ancestors on your pedigree chart. If you have too many just copy a sample of the most important. You, your parents and grandparents.
Individual Narrative This is a separate 3-5 page narrative about yourself/ go to Individual Narrative