Algebra 2N1


Why is Algebra 2N1 being offered?
Algebra 2N1 is inspired by similar algebra “immersion” programs throughout California, which have demonstrated that when students focus primarily on mathematics in a supportive environment for a whole semester they are substantially more successful than students who spread out the same courses over two or more semesters. Algebra 2N1 is an intensive 15-unit learning community, consisting of MATH 50, 60, 47 and COUN 110. This learning community not only allows you to complete both MATH 50 and MATH 60 in a single semester, but also provides ample time and support for you to learn algebra in a deep, thorough and meaningful way.

Who should take Algebra 2N1?
Students who have completed MATH 15 with a “B” or better, or placed into MATH 50 (Beginning Algebra), who need to complete MATH 60 for their AA degree or as a prerequisite for college-level mathematics courses for their majors.  For example, anyone who is interested in a STEM major or business degree is a good candidate for this course. 

It is highly recommended that every student who registers in Algebra 2N1 not enroll in any other academic courses during that semester. 

Why should I take Algebra 2N1?
If you need to take Math 50 and Math 60, Algebra 2N1 allows you to complete both and thus get to a college-level math course in a single semester. Also, if you have struggled with Math in the past, or if you just want a solid introduction or refresher, Algebra 2N1 is your golden opportunity to boost your mathematical competence (and confidence!) by leaps and bounds. As mentioned above, it has been demonstrated that students who immerse themselves in mathematics for a semester have much greater success rates than those who spread out the courses. Even if you are not a Math major, you will reap the benefits of the skills and understanding that Algebra 2N1 will provide because being strong in mathematics is often the key to success in other fields. 

What will I do in Algebra 2N1?
The Math classes meet 12 hours per week and provide a combination of: sessions with your instructor, learning activities with your peers in small groups, tutoring support, and online Math lab work.  The Counseling class meets one day a week for 3 hours and provides support for time management, study skills and college success skills.

How many units is Algebra 2N1?
This 15-unit learning community consists of three 4-unit classes-MATH 50, MATH 60, MATH 47 and one 3-unit class – COUN 110.

Does Algebra 2N1 meet the general education MATH requirement for an AA degree?

What is The MATH 47 component of Algebra 2N1?
MATH 47, Explorations in Algebra, provides activities designed to support successful completion of both MATH 50 and MATH 60 in one semester.

Can I take Algebra 2N1if I already took MATH 50?
If you have taken MATH 50 and received a “C” or better you are not eligible for Algebra 2N1.

Can I take Algebra 2N1 if I placed into MATH 60 or MATH 56?

Will Algebra 2N1 prepare me for college level MATH for a STEM field (science, technology, engineering or MATH) or Business?
Yes, successful completion of Algebra 2N1 will prepare you for any introductory college level math course.