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Why is Math 47 being offered?
National and college specific data indicate that less than 15% of students who take Beginning Algebra complete their college level math course within 3 years, due in no small part to the length of the developmental math sequence.  In response, community colleges across the country are offering new courses to prepare students for college level math courses in just one semester. The goal of Math 47 is to shorten the path to college level mathematics, better prepare students for a course in statistics, make mathematics more relevant to students, and help students gain college success skills, so that more students can successfully complete their math requirements and obtain a college degree.

What is Math 47?
Math 47 is an alternative path to college level math courses, specifically, Math 120 (Statistics).  It integrates numeracy, proportional reasoning, algebraic reasoning, and functions with statistics and geometry as recurring course themes.  Throughout the course, college success components are integrated with the mathematical topics. The course focuses on developing quantitative literacy through problem solving, critical thinking, writing and communication of mathematics.  Content is developed in an integrated fashion, increasing in depth as the course progresses.  Upon completion of the course, students will be prepared for Math 120.

Who should take Math 47?
Students who have completed Math 15 with a “C” or better, or placed into Beginning Algebra, who are not planning to major in science or math.
Students who are not STEM majors and do not wish to take 2 to 3 courses in algebra. 
Students who need to take only one college level math course (statistics) for their major.
Students who need to complete their math requirement for an AA degree (non-STEM) and may continue their education at a four-year college.

Why should I take Math 47?
The primary reason to take Math 47 is that you can complete your math requirement faster, in two semesters (Math 47/Math 120), even if you placed into beginning algebra.  The traditional path (Math 50/Math 60/Math 100/110/120) takes 3 semesters.
Another reason to take Math 47 is that it promotes 21st century skills to prepare you for both the workplace and future coursework, so you may find the course more relevant and meaningful than a beginning algebra course.

How many units is Math 47?
Math 47 is a 4-unit class that meets 6 hours per week.

Does Math 47 meet the math requirement for an AA degree?
No. You will also need to complete Math 120.

Can I take Math 47 if I already took Math 50?

Can I take Math 47 if I placed into Math 60 or Math 56?

What will I do in Math 47?
Math 47 is composed of several units, called cycles.  Each cycle begins with an open-ended focus problem that will be revisited regularly until it is solved.  For example, the first cycle’s focus problem centers on the issue of post-operative medication errors.  Lessons in the cycle concentrate on the skills and concepts necessary to solve the focus problem. Every cycle contains skills, concepts, and applications from four strands: numeracy, proportional reasoning, algebraic reasoning and functions.  Student and mathematical success components as well as geometry and statistics appear in every cycle.  Additionally, every cycle has at least two articles that students read and use in the activities.  You will work on activities as a class and with with other students during class time, and will need to complete homework assignments outside of class in preparation for in-class activities and exams.

What if I decide to change my major to a STEM field (science, technology, engineering or math)?
Then you will still need to take Math 50 and Math 56 or 60, even if you complete Math 47.  Math 47 is NOT a prerequisite for Math 56, Math 60, Math 110 or Math 115.