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  1. Do you offer a welding class to get a certification in TIG or what classed are needed to get a certification through Palomar

    • Brad,
      Yes, we offer a class in GTAW, Weld 115. You should try for Weld 100 where we provide training in GTAW, GMAW, SMAW, and FCAW. Complete those two classes, Weld 135, Weld 108, and Weld 160 and you will attain a certificate of proficiency in GTAW. We will also provide certification.

        • You can sign up for both at the same time. Weld 100 offers all four processes including GTAW. You don’t want to be a one dimensional welder. You may also sign up for both which is also recommened.

  2. I would take Weld 100, 105, and Weld 120. Weld 100 will provide training in all the processes, SMAW, GMAW (MIG), FCAW, and GTAW. Eventually you will want to learn those processes as they will help you with MIG. Weld 120 is GMAW only.

  3. I recieved a national certificate for SMAW in a foreign country, and have taken the beginning prerequisite classes there, will I be able to get credit for them and obtain a certificate here in the U.S and and continue to advance as a welder if I take classes at palomar

    • Yes, however, you will have to show that you can weld to the standard that we have set at Palomar.
      Sign up for classes if you can and obtain our certificate. It would be nice to see how welding is
      taught in another school.

    • You will need all personal protective equipment. Cost: in the range of 50 dollars, depending on the type of equipment you buy. A 50 dollars per class material is also charged so that you can weld on new metal. If you would like to know when class start or how to enroll, consult the college catalog and schedule of classes.

  4. Hello,
    I received welding training about ten years ago and would like to get my foot in the door. I see a lot of ways of doing so, but I am still not sure what route to take… Certification through the AWS, internships at local welding companies (not too many), or a AA degree here at Palomar, etc.?

    • Certification does not mean a thing to employers if you can”t do the work. Its like a drivers license. Do you think everyone that has a driver”s license is qualified to drive? Certification and qualified mean two different things. Certification is a piece of paper that indicates that you passes a test. Qualified indicates that you have the skills and knowledge to perform the work. We offer both.

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