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    • There are literally thousands of welding certifications. Some certifications are more common than others but it is all dependent on the industry you chose to work in. If you are referring to the certificate program that we offer then you are looking at 1-2 years for the A.A. and certificates of proficiency.

  1. Hello! I’m interested in learning how to weld. Basically I know nothing. Can you recommend a class for me to start with? Thank you!

    • You can sign up for both at the same time. Weld 100 offers all four processes including GTAW. You don’t want to be a one dimensional welder. You may also sign up for both which is also recommened.

  2. is it possible to take multiple classes, making for a full time student status? I am looking to utilize my GI Bill to attain welding certifications/education and would like to take as many relevant classes as possible.

  3. Is there a 2015 fall welding 100 class open or still active? I can’t seem to find anything when I look into the class search box.


    • Zach,
      All of our classes fill up a couple months prior to the semester starting. If you wish to take courses next semester I suggest you register early.

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