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Topic 5:  Global Change
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The general term for a corporate business that has outgrown its national roots and identity as it became multinational with facilities in many countries and no overriding feeling of obligation or loyalty to any one of them.

transnational corporation

The general term for a nation in which most of the people are persistently poor due to the way they are integrated into the world economic system. They usually provide cheap raw materials and labor for the rich, developed nations and purchase their manufactured goods at high prices. The economies of these societies are largely dependent on the richer nations. (Hint: Bangladesh and Guatemala are examples of these kinds of poor nations today.)

underdeveloped nation (or third world nation)

The types of nations where 95% of the world human population growth has occurred during the last forty years.

underdeveloped nation of Latin America, Africa, and Asia

The approximate number of people in the world today.

Just over 6 billion

The direction human population is projected to take over the next half century. (Hint: think in terms of growing, staying the same, or shrinking.)

continue to grow but at a slower rate than in the last half century

The fastest growing age group world wide.


The hemisphere of the world where wealth has become concentrated. (Hint: you are looking for the richest part of the world.)

northern hemisphere (among the industrialized nations there)

The major cultures where women have gained the least in terms of status and power relative to men. (Hint: think in terms of Western versus non-Western cultures.)

non-Western cultures