Practice Quiz for
Pre-Darwinian Theories

No. of Questions= 13

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1 Which of the following statements is true regarding the acceptance of evolution?
a) Most scientists and the major religions in the Western World have accepted that biological evolution has occurred.
b) The concept of evolution is largely irrelevant to modern biology.
c) There no longer are any American churches preaching that there was a special and independent creation of every species and that they do not evolve.
2 Two centuries ago, most European and American scientists believed that the earth is approximately _______________ years old.
a) 4,600,000,000
b) 10,000,000
c) 6,000
d) 4,000
3 In the 17th century, James Ussher calculated the age of the earth:
a) by counting the generations in the Bible and then adding them on to modern history
b) as a result of divine revelation when he was the archbishop of Armagh Ireland
c) by using the radiocarbon dating technique on ancient artifacts from Israel
d) by none of the above methods
4 The "Great Chain of Being" theory holds that:
a) all species of animals are related to each other to some degree as a result of having the same distant common ancestor
b) all animals have souls since they were created by God
c) God created an infinite number of life forms, each one grading into the next, from simplest to most complex
d) B and C
5 Most 17th and 18th century European biologists believed that:
a) all plant and animal species were created in their present form and have remained unchanged
b) plants may have evolved, but not animals
c) all life forms except humans may have evolved
6 Which of the following was true of the 18th century Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus?
a) He believed that his precise description of plant species was a way of revealing that they have evolved.
b) He classified organisms on the basis of similarities and differences in physical appearance.
c) He used his genus and species classification system to describe plants and animals but did not apply it to people.
7 Which of the following people believed that evolution has occurred?
a) Erasmus Darwin
b) James Ussher
c) Carolus Linnaeus
d) none of the above
8 Which of the following scientists suggested a cause of evolution?
a) Count of Buffon
b) Lamarck
c) Erasmus Darwin
d) none of the above
9 The theory of uniformitarianism holds that:
a) the earth is very young and has been subject to violent natural events that have caused abrupt changes in the geological and fossil records
b) the earth is very old and has been subject to slow, progressive geological changes
c) neither of the above
10 _________________ was a leading advocate of the theory of catastrophism.
a) George Cuvier
b) Charles Lyell
c) Charles Darwin
11 The leading opponent of Lamarck's claim that evolution has occurred was:
a) George Cuvier
b) Charles Lyell
c) Erasmus Darwin
12 Which of the following statements is true of Charles Lyell?
a) He published evidence in support of the theory of uniformitarianism.
b) He developed the theory of uniformitarianism.
c) both of the above
13 Geologists today now generally accept that:
a) uniformitarianism was correct and that there have not been any major catastrophic geological events
b) catastrophism is the best explanation of the earth's history
c) neither of the above


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