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Topic 3:  Archaic Human Culture
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The technical term for the “old stone” age.


The major tool traditions of the Lower Paleolithic stage of cultural development. Tools of these traditions are found at Homo habilis and Homo erectus sites.

Oldowan and Acheulean Tool Traditions

The major tool tradition of the Middle Paleolithic stage of cultural development. This tradition is most well known from Neandertal sites.

Mousterian Tool Tradition

The things that Levallois technique were used to make. This technique was first used in the late Acheulean Tradition by early archaic humans 250,000 years ago. It was perfected in the Mousterian Tradition by the Neandertals and some of their contemporaries.

standardized flakes that were used as preforms to be made into a variety of tools

The first humans known to make stone tips for their spears.


A rust red iron ore that was ground to a powder state and used as a paint pigment beginning with the Neandertals and early modern humans.


The name of a small area of the human brain that controls the production of speech. It is located in the left frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex.

Broca’s area

The kinds of animals that Neandertals apparently buried ritually in Western European caves.

cave bears and humans

A French site where there is good evidence of early archaic humans harnessing fire by 400,000 years ago. Many food refuse bones were found charred presumably from cooking. In addition, there is possible evidence of simple fire hearths that they made.

Terra Amata