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Topic 6:  Homosexuality
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The sexual and/or emotional desire for others of the same gender as oneself.


The sexual and/or emotional desire for others of the opposite gender as oneself.


Laws prohibiting anal or oral copulation with another person or animal. (Hint: the term you are looking for is a legal one. In modern industrial nations, homosexuals are the usual target of these laws.)

anti-sodomy laws

The regions of the world where there are the most severe penalties for male homosexuality. (Hint: these penalties can include death or life in prison.)

Islamic nations of North Africa, Middle East, Central and South Asia

The regions of the world where usually only male homosexuality is criminalized.

South Pacific Islands, the non-Islamic nations of Africa, and some Caribbean Islands on which a high percentage of the population has Sub-Saharan African ancestral roots

A person who wears the clothes and bodily adornment normally associated with the opposite gender. (Hint: this is not necessarily connected with homosexuality.)


A term used to refer to North American Indian homosexual men of the Great Plains and elsewhere in Western North America. In the past, these “two-spirited” men led their lives as transvestites and were given respected social statuses within their societies.


A group of culturally accepted (or at least tolerated) male transvestites in India. Many of these men have their genital organs surgically removed to symbolize their transition to "womanhood." They are devotees of the Hindu mother goddess Bahuchara Mata.


A culture in New Guinea in which all men apparently engage in homosexual acts and most also marry and engage in heterosexual acts with their wives. (Hint: in this culture, heterosexual intercourse is prohibited for up to 260 days of the year and is forbidden in or near their houses and vegetable gardens. In contrast, homosexual relations are permitted at any time.)


The common attitude towards homosexuality in societies that strongly forbid abortion and infanticide.

They are usually intolerant of homosexuality.

The common attitude towards homosexuality in societies that have severe food shortages resulting from over population.

They are usually tolerant of homosexuality.

The characteristic of having a blend of both masculine and feminine personality characteristics but not strongly either one.


The modern term used by many Native Americans for berdache.