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1 Which form of marriage is inherently free of conflicts between husbands, wives, and children?
a) monogamy
b) polygyny
c) polyandry
d) none of the above
2 In societies that have polygyny, jealousy between co-wives over perceived unequal attention from their shared husband is often avoided, or at least reduced, by:
a) having all of the wives live close together in the same house
b) giving all wives the same status within the family
c) sororal polygyny
3 In a Nuer "ghost marriage", a man may marry:
a) a woman who still is in her teenage years
b) a woman as a stand-in for his deceased brother who will be socially recognized as the husband
c) one of his favorite cows
4 Among the Nuer, a woman who is unable to have children may marry:
a) another woman
b) a second much younger husband
c) neither of the above
5 The levirate is a second marriage rule that specifies that:
a) a widower should marry the sister of his deceased wife
b) a widow should marry the brother of her deceased husband
c) a dowry must be paid
6 Which of the following is true of the sororate?
a) Neither the bride's nor the groom's family usually encourage this remarriage.
b) If the society practices sororal polygyny, the future bride is likely to already have had some sexual relations with the groom..
c) both of the above
7 Which of the following is true of a dowry?
a) It is money or property given by the bride's family to the groom.
b) It involves the groom giving things of high value to the bride's father.
c) It is the same thing as bride price.
8 Which of the following statements is true of bride price?
a) It is most common among polygynous, small-scale, patrilineal societies.
b) It is a way for the bride to show respect for the groom and his parents.
c) It is a way of assuring the bride's right to future children.
9 Dowries have been common in:
a) Asia
b) Europe
c) Sub-Saharan Africa
d) A and B
e) B and C
10 The North American traditions of the "hope chest" and the bride's family paying for the wedding are cultural survivals of:
a) bride price
b) dowries
c) bride service
11 There have been many suspicious deaths of newly married Indian women that the press euphemistically refers to as "kitchen accidents". Apparently, many of them are killed by their husbands and mother-in-laws because:
a) The bride's father failed to pay all of the agreed upon dowry.
b) The bride has not had any children.
c) The groom is unable to pay all of the bride price that he owes his father-in-law.
12 Bride service is performed instead of paying bride price in societies that:
a) have little material wealth that could be used as a bride price and have rigid social rules requiring sharing
b) do not like to share their wealth with each other
c) neither of the above
13 Which of the following statements is true of marriage by capture?
a) It is always a forceful act on unwilling women.
b) It usually occurs in societies in which there is a relative over supply of women due to large numbers of male deaths in warfare.
c) It has only occurred in European and North African cultures.
d) none of the above



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