Practice Quiz for Exceptions to Simple Inheritance

No. of Questions= 13

INSTRUCTIONS: To answer a question, click the button in front of your choice. A response will appear in the window below the question to let you know if you are correct. Be sure to read the feedback. It is designed to help you learn the material. You can also learn by reading the feedback for incorrect answers.

1 If medical researchers discovered that there is a single human gene responsible for all of the various forms of physical deterioration commonly associated with diabetes, it would be referred to as:
a)  a modifying gene
b)  pleiotropy
c)  a regulator gene
2 A regulator gene can:
a) alter how another gene is expressed
b) change the genetically determined sex or gender of an adult human
c) initiate or block the expression of another gene
3 Incompletely penetrant genes are ones that:
a) are only expressed in the phenotype if certain factors in the environment are present
b) result in an apparent blending of parental traits
c) are expressed in heterozygous individuals as both alleles unblended
4 Polygenic traits are ones that are:
a) controlled by more than just a single pair of alleles
b) responsible for a number of traits in the phenotype
c) found in either men or women but not both
5 If there is a single pair of alleles that determine the number of toes for an animal species and homozygous dominant individuals have 8 toes, heterozygous ones have 7, and homozygous recessive ones have 6, the inheritance pattern would be referred to as:
a) genome imprinting
b) intermediate expression
c) pleiotropy
6 If the genes for a trait are inherited by both men and women but only show up in the phenotype of women, they are referred to as _____________ genes.
a) sex controlled
b) codominant
c) sex-limited
7 Some people have AB blood types for the ABO blood system. They have all of the characteristics of both type A and type B blood--they are not a blend of them. The inheritance pattern responsible for this is referred to as:
a) codominance
b) dominance
c) blending
8 Angelman syndrome is a rare form of mental retardation that can be more or less severe depending on the gender of the parent from whom it is inherited. This unusual kind of inheritance pattern is known as:
a) a modifying gene
b) genome imprinting
c) incomplete penetrance
9 If there were a gene for intelligence and the effect of that gene was altered by the inheritance of another gene, the latter gene would be referred to as a:
a) sex-controlled gene
b) modifying gene
c) regulator gene
10 What would a gene be called if it is inherited by both genders but expressed differently in the phenotype of men and women?
a) unstable
b) sex-controlled
c) recessive
11 Which of the following is an exception to Mendel's idea that genes are passed on unchanged from generation to generation?
a) codominance
b) multiple-allele series
c) stuttering alleles
12 When there are three or more alleles of a specific gene, it is referred to as a:
a) multiple-allele series
b) mutation
c) syndrome
13 The fact that monozygotic twins do not have identical phenotypes despite the fact that they may look alike is an indication that:
a) their genotypes are not identical
b) phenotypes are a result of both the genotype and environmental influences
c) their phenotypes are not in any way due to their genotypes


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