Practice Quiz for Cell Reproduction

No. of Questions= 13

INSTRUCTIONS: To answer a question, click the button in front of your choice. A response will appear in the window below the question to let you know if you are correct. Be sure to read the feedback. It is designed to help you learn the material. You can also learn by reading the feedback for incorrect answers.

1 Somatic cells reproduce by ______________ , while sex cells reproduce by ______________ .
a)  meiosis; mitosis
b)  mitosis; mitosis
c)  mitosis; meiosis
d)  meiosis; meiosis
2 Which of the following statements about human reproduction is true?
a) Mitosis in males is also known as spermatogenesis.
b) Sperm and ova are zygotes.
c) O÷genesis takes place in the ovaries of females.
3 Which of the following statements is true about mitosis in humans?
a) All cells of the body go through mitosis more or less constantly from conception until death.
b) Each cell undergoing mitosis divides into two complete new cells that are usually identical to the cell from which they originated.
c) It takes roughly two weeks for a cell to go through all six phases of mitosis.
4 Which of the following statements is true about meiosis in humans?
a) Sperm and ova are not identical to the parent cells that produced them.
b) Females produce far more gametes than do males.
c) The process begins in males and females at puberty.
5 O÷cytes are:
a) ova that have not yet completed the o÷genesis process
b) the locations on chromosomes where ova are produced
c) the male equivalent of ova
6 Which of the following statements is true in humans?
a) Mitosis produces cells that have a haploid number of chromosomes.
b) Meiosis produces cells that have a diploid number of chromosomes.
c) Meiosis produces cells that have a haploid number of chromosomes.
7 Human gametes normally have _____ chromosomes.
a) 23
b) 46
c) a diploid number of
8 As a result of "fertilization", which of the following normally occur?
a) A gamete is created.
b) A single sperm and ovum combine their genetic material to create an offspring with the same number of chromosomes as the parents.
c) The final phase of spermatogenesis is begun.
9 Approximately how many boys are born for every 100 girls in the United States?
a) 95-100
b) 105-110
c) 130-150
10 The ratio of boys to girls being born in China and India today is ____________________ the rest of the world.
a) lower than
b) about the same as
c) higher than
11 Twins that result from the splitting of one zygote are called _________________.
a) universal
b) monozygotic
c) dizygotic
d) mitochondrial
12 Which of the following statements is true concerning conjoined twins?
a) They are monozygotic twins.
b) They are not genetically identical.
c) They are the result of a single egg dividing into two sometime after the 13th day following conception.
d) a and c
e) all of the above
13 Which of the following statements is true concerning true genetic chimeras?
a) They may be hermaphrodites.
b) They began as two separate zygotes
c) They are always females.
d) a and b
e) none of the above

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