Practice Quizzes for Biological Anthropology
(These quizzes can be accessed here and at the end of each corresponding tutorial topic section.)

1.    What Is Anthropology?   2.    Early Theories of Evolution
        a.    Overview of Anthropology         a.    Pre-Darwinian Theories
        b.    Fields of Anthropology         b.    Darwin and Natural Selection
          c.    Evidence of Evolution

3.    Basic Principles of Genetics   4.    Biological Basis of Heredity
        a.    Mendel's Genetics         a.    Basic Cell Structures
        b.    Probability of Inheritance         b.    Cell Reproduction
        c.    Exceptions to Simple Inheritance         c.    Recombination and Linkage
          d.    Sex Linked Genes
          e.    Molecular Level of Genetics

5    Human Chromosomal Abnormalities   6.    Modern Theories of Evolution
        a.    Overview         a.    Overview
        b.    Detection         b.    Mutation
        c.    Common Abnormalities         c.    Natural Selection
        d.    Autosomal Abnormalities         d.    Small Population Size Effects
        e.    Sex Chromosome Abnormalities         e.    Gene Flow
          f.     Recombination
          g.    Non-Random Mating
          h.    Micro and Macro Evolution

7.    Human Blood   8.    Modern Human Variation
        a.    Blood Components         a.    Overview
        b.    ABO Blood Types         b.    Models of Classification
        c.    Rh Blood Types         c.    Distribution of Blood Types

9.    Human Biological Adaptability   10.    Classification of Living Things
        a.    Overview         a.    Introduction
        b.    Adapting to Climate Extremes         b.    Principles of Classification
        c.    Adapting to High Altitude         c.    Kingdom to Subphylum
        d.    Skin Color Adaptation         d.    Class
        e.    Nutritional Adaptation         e.    Subclass to Infraclass

11.  Primates   12.  Primate Behavior
        a.    Overview         a.    Background
        b.    Prosimians: Part I         b.    Social Structure
        c.    Prosimians: Part II         c.    Adaptations for Group Living
        d.    Monkeys         d.    Communication
        e.    New World Monkeys  
        f.     Old World Monkeys  
        g.    Apes  
        h.    Humans  

13.  Record of Time   14.  Early Primate Evolution
        a.    The Nature of Fossils         a.    How Old is Old?
        b.    Overview of Dating         b.    The First Primates
        c.    Relative Techniques  
        d.    Chronometric Techniques: Part I  
        e.    Chronometric Techniques: Part II  

15.  Early Hominin Evolution   16.  Early Human Evolution
        a.    Discovery of Early Hominins         a.    Early Transitional Humans
        b.    Analysis of Early Hominins         b.    Homo erectus
          c.    Climate Change and Human Evolution
          d.    Early Human Culture

17.  Evolution of Modern Humans    
        a.    Homo heidelbergensis  
        b.    Neandertals  
        c.    Archaic Homo sapiens Culture  
        d.    Early Modern Homo sapiens  
        e.    Early Modern Human Culture  


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