Crossword Puzzle for Primates
Topics 7-8: Apes and Humans


2. The genus and species of all living humans today.
4. A part of the body that was greatly modified as the ancestors of humans became bipedal.
7. The primate species that has the most varied and complex social organizations. They are also the only primates to create and use symbols as a means of communication.
8. The family of hominoids in which gibbons belong.
11. The term for having only one mate at a time.
13. The continent where bonobos live in the wild.
15. The family of hominoids in which humans and the great apes belong.
16. A great ape from Southeast Asia.


1. An ape that is a knuckle walker. They have the largest bodies of any primate species alive today.
3. The most biologically successful of all primates in terms of the extent of their geographic range and the size of their total population today.
5. An ape species in which adults regularly defend their territory against others with piercingly loud whooping and hooting vocalizations.
6. The African ape that hunts other animals for food--about 10% of their diet consists of meat.
8. The superfamily to which all apes and humans belong.
9. The form of locomotion in which an animal travels through the trees by swinging under branches with a hand over hand motion rather than running along the top.
10. How many times larger the human brain is compared to those of the great apes.
12. A lesser ape from Southeast Asia
14. The general descriptive term for the type of family consisting of an adult male and female mating pair along with their children.

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