ANTH 225 -- FALL 2004, 2006, 2008

See Photos of Sikes Adobe Excavations Fall 2008

     FIELD TRIPS         and        GUEST PRESENTERS
Field Trip to the San Diego
Historical Society Archives and
 the California Room 2006

Dr. Seth Mallios on Jamestown and Nate Harrison's Homestead on Mt. Palomar

Field Trip to Downtown San Diego 2004   Part I    Part II

Dennis Gallegos on Aguirre Adobe & St. Anthony's Indian School
2004    2006

Historical Archaeological Excavations at Ferry Farm,
 the Childhood Home of George Washington
by Palomar Archaeology Student, Shelby Gunderman

Field Trips to Chula Vista Home
 of Susan Walter and Steve Van Wormer

Susan Walter on Ceramics
2004 and 2006

Useful Ceramic References

Steve Van  Wormer On Bottles
2004 and 2006

Useful Bottle References

Historic Ceramic Wares
Photographed at Chula Vista
2004 and 2006

Historic Bottle Types
Photographed at Chula Vista
2004 and 2006

Photographs Taken at the Restored Aguirre Adobe Museum

Aguirre Adobe St. Anthony's Indian School
Part I and Part II
HISTORIC BOTTLE & CERAMIC WEB PAGES Careers In Historical Archaeology



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