Benae Calac and Juanita Dixon, of the Pauma Luiseño Indians, spoke to the archaeology students on Saturday, October 5.   The principal speaker was Ms. Calac who spoke of the differences between the Indian and non-Indian world views, particularly with regard to their cultural heritage as expressed in archaeological sites and the human remains they sometimes contain.  Benae also spoke of how difficult it was to serve as an archaeological monitor at sites that potentially have or do contain human remains.  Many students asked interesting questions that led to discussions that helped opened their eyes to the importance of understanding Luiseño culture and making that personal connection between archaeology and the living descendents of the people who once occupied the archaeological sites.  Juanita Dixon also attended and made important contributions to the discussion.  After the formal presentation and  discussion period, many students remained after to talk with Benae and Ms. Dixon.  All agreed that it was a very worthwhile encounter.  See the pictures below.

Darren C. & Horace G. Speaking with Benae (left)

Benae, Priya, Deborah, Darren, & Horace (L to R)

Juanita Dixon and James Enriquez in Discussion Students Partaking of Refreshments after the Talk

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