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Chris Brandt, Koji Tsunoda, Ian Skinner, Akesa Kirkpatrick, Eamon Kavanagh, Adolpho Muniz, Tricia Drennan, Laura Anderson, Bonnie Bruce, Mary Borevitz, Heather Thompson, Craig Kierulff, and Afton Vanzandt.

CHRIS BRANDTcbrandt.jpg (8861 bytes) Spent 3.5 months as Assistant Field Director for Dr. de Barros' excavations at an Early Iron Age site in Togo, West Africa, Spring 2002.  Helped produce survey report for Cal State Parks for Palomar's survey of Upper Green Valley at Cuyamaca State Park.  Served as lab assistant for Palomar Archaeology Program Fall 2000; served as Intern at ASM (Spring 2000); worked for ASM and PanGIS (Summer and Fall 2000); surveyed for Professional Archaeological Services (2000).
KOJI TSUNODAkojitsun.jpg (5988 bytes) Koji is currently working on his M.A. Thesis on settlement patterns using GIS at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.  He is working under Dr. Lynn Gamble at San Diego State. (He was also accepted to Florida State University's Underwater Archaeology Program) Served as Intern at the San Diego Archaeological Center working on collections and exhibits (Spring 2000) and as lab assistant at the Palomar Archaeology Lab.  Survey and excavation for Professional Archaeological Services (Summer 2001).
IAN SKINNERians.jpg (9260 bytes) Ian is currently working for PAS on various projects in southern California. Completed Lab and Surveying Certificate; close to completing A.A. Transfer Degree in Archaeology. Lab Assistant Fall 2002.  Worked for PAS at SDI-9537/H in Pauma Valley and at ORA-1582H in Huntington Beach in 2005.  Field Assistant for Fall 2001 Excavation Class and Spring 2002 Archaeological Surveying Class.  Helped map SDI-913 for Cal State Parks and SDI-5581 using total station skills learned in ANTH 220, Summer 2001.  Lab Assistant Fall 2000-Spring 2001. Worked for Professional Archaeological Services (2000-2001) and served as Intern for ASM in Encinitas (1999).
AKESA KIRKPATRICK Graduate from Palomar with A.A. Degree in Archaeology, May 2002.  Serving as Lab Assistant Fall 2002.  Took Archaeological Surveying at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park and Pioneer Cemetery in Oceanside, Spring 2002.  Served as intern in Palomar College Archaeology Lab, Fall 2000.  Conducted survey and excavation for Professional Archaeological Services (Summer 2001), including work in Pauma Valley and excavations at ORA-149 in Huntington Beach.
EAMON KAVANAGHKavanagh.jpg (8077 bytes) Completed A.A. Degree Spring 2002.  Eamon has worked since 1996 to get the Poway City Council to approve a Master Plan for the development of a Kumeyaay-Ipai Center at Pauwai  (Poway), working closely with the Kumeyaay at San Pasqual Indian Reservation.  He succeeded in December 2000. Bravo Eamon! (see pictures from SDUT below). Gave paper on work at Southwestern Anthropological Association Meeting in San Diego, May 2001.  











He has just about finished writing his Ph.D. at UC San Diego.  He has been doing fieldwork with Prof. Levy in Jordan  He was the archaeology lab director for Professor Levy. This Jordan project has resulted in the discovery of the largest Early Bronze Age workshop every discovered in the Middle East (see National Geographic website).

TRICIA DRENNANtrisha.jpg (9589 bytes) 2006 Update:  Trisha has landed a job as Senior Archaeologist for Scientific Consultant Services in Honolulu.  After three months probation, she was promoted and is now Project Manager for the new statewide Cingular telecommunications contract (see  Trisha completed the M.A. program in underwater archaeology program at Southampton University in England. She has completed courses in Mediterranean Seafaring, Maritime Aspects of Culture, Research Methods,  Conservation and Heritage Management in the Coastal Zone, Marine Geoarchaeology, and Archaeology Under Water and is audited a GIS course, Spatial Technologies.  Her M.A. thesis is based on fieldwork in SE Turkey and archival research in Bodrum.  Her thesis is on maritime adaptations to coastal changes during the Late Bronze Age.

Last Spring she worked as a project assistant to Barto Arnold on the Civil War Denbigh Project.  She has attended the University of Hawaii underwater archaeology school in Summer 2001. Also   attended Florida State University's Underwater Archaeology Field School in 2000. Has worked for ASM in Encinitas; and for Chambers Group and TRC as a Field Archaeologist and Monitor. 

LAURA ANDERSONlandersn.jpg (7701 bytes) Most recently worked at SDI-9537/H in Pauma Valley for Professional Archaeological Services in April 2005. Took forensics class through Palomar Police Academy in Escondido, Fall 2001. Served as Field Assistant for Fall 2001 Excavation Class.  Served as Field Assistant for Palomar's excavation class Fall 1999 and 2000; served as Intern at Tierra Environmental Services (Fall 1999) and at PanGIS in Encinitas (Spring 2000); worked for Professional Archaeological Services (Summer 2000, Spring 2004); will serve as TA for archaeological surveying class this Spring 2004 at Cuyamcaca R. State Park.

BONNIE BRUCEbonnieb.jpg (9583 bytes)

Hired by California State Parks in Anza-Borrego in 2000 and continues to work for State Parks in 2003.  Recent projects include excavations at the Carrizo Stage Station and a helicopter survey of Anza Borrego.  She has also worked extensively on updating records and catalogs for the Anza-Borrego collections from the last 20 years.  She does all of her site sketch maps in ARCVIEW GIS.  Supervised Palomar students recordation of SDI-913 Summer 2001.  Has worked for Tierra Environmental Services and Professional Archaeological Services.  Has own scientific illustration business. 
MARY BOREVITZ Served as intern and worked for ASM Affiliates in Encinitas Fall 2001 & Spring 2002.  Worked on mapping milling features at SDI-913 at Cuyamaca  State Park for Cal State Parks, Summer 2001.
HEATHER THOMPSONHeatherThomson.jpg (5883 bytes) Currently works full-time for California State Parks, Anza Borrego District.  She was hired in the Spring of 2001. Completed Excavation and Survey/Lab Certificates and continues to work for State Parks as she work son her B.A.  Recently worked for Recon on a transmission line survey from Otay to Friars Rd.  Heather has worked on oral interviews on early ranching in eastern San Diego County and recently completed a pictorial monograph on her work. Gave paper on work at Southwestern Anthropological Association Meeting in San Diego, May 2001. Served as intern at the South Coastal Information Center, Spring 2001 & with California State Parks, Anza Borrego Office transcribing oral interviews with Indian elders, Fall 2000.  

Worked for KEA Environmental (EDAW) in Mojave Desert.  Served as intern with Cal State Parks, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park; worked for TRC as the field coordinator for Native American monitors for Santee to Yuma fiber optics line.  Conducted surveys and excavations at prehistoric and historic archaeological sites for Professional Archaeological Services (Summer 2001) including work at historic dump ORA-1582H,  shell midden ORA-149, and obsidian lithic scatter INY-5887.
AFTON VANZANDTAftonvZandt.jpg (6290 bytes) Enrolled at Cal State Chico in Spring 2002 where she is studying archaeology.  Served as paid intern at the San Diego Archaeological Center working with a graduate student from SDSUGave paper on work at Southwestern Anthropological Association Meeting in San Diego, May 2001.

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