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Lucas Piek, Wayne Abrahamson, Carrie Simmons, Jeff Sahagun, Ed Ash, Eileen LaLone, Kerri Hunsinger, Rudy Reyes, Scott Hensiek, Ryan Anderson, Bridget Piculell,  Deva Jebb, Deborah Jordan-Sakimoto, Mark Boyle, and Priya Wong,

LUCAS PIEK Lucas served as President of the Palomar College Archaeology Club and was both a field and lab assistant for the Fall 2005 field class in Poway at SDI-15547.  Lucas also  works for Gallegos and Associates and was one of the excavators at the recently discovered pre-Portola (A.D. 1769) horse burial site above Agua Hedionda Lagoon.  Lucas took the Advanced Archaeological Surveying class (ANTH 220) in the Spring of 2004 and served as a Teaching Assistant for the Fall 2004 excavation class.  Lucas has done extensive artifact illustrations for Professional Archaeological Services for SDI-5581, ORA-149, and SDI-9537/H. He is an excellent scientific illustrator.  Lucas worked for Professional Archaeological Services as field director for the survey of 1400 acres near Julian in 2003 and as crew chief for test excavations at SDI-9537/H in Pauma Valley in 2005.  Served as Lab Assistant Fall 2002.  He is the Vice-President of the Palomar College Anthropology (Archaeology) Club. Worked on test excavations at INY-5887 for Professional Archaeological Services, June 2001.  Served as intern working on faunal analysis with a graduate student at San Diego State University.
WAYNE "ABE" ABRAHAMSON Accepted to get his M.A. degree in maritime archaeology at the University of West Florida. Abe  graduated Magnum Cum Laude from San Diego State with a B.A. in Anthropology.  He plans on going to the University of West Florida's Maritime Archaeology Program in Fall 2004. Abe served as a Teaching Assistant for the Fall 2002 excavation class.  Abe completed his Excavation and Lab & Survey Certificates for the Palomar Archaeology Program.  Abe has retired from the Navy and is on his way toward a second career in Archaeology.  His long term goal is to get a Ph.D. in maritime archaeology.

Carrie has completed her M.S. in Museum Studies with University of Leicester (England) via distance learning.  Carrie has been working full-time archaeologist at Fort Irwin, California.  Carrie worked as a seasonal worker for the Kaibab National Forest in Arizona from June-Sept. 2003.  She has experience in archaeology in South Africa and has taken both an excavation class at SDI-5581 and a lab analysis class at Palomar (ANTH 215).  She already has a B.A. in Anthropology.

To the left is a great photo of Carrie with an eccentric crescentic found at Fort Irwin.

Carrie Simmons and Jeff Sahgun met and eventually got married after both being students in the Palomar College Archaeology Program!


Jeff completed his B.A. in Anthropology/ Archaeology at Cal State San Bernardino n June 2006.  Currently (March 2007), Jeff is in Calixtlahuaca, Mexico (near Toluca) excavating houses and agricultural terraces for Dr. Michael E. Smith from ASU at the 3rd largest Aztec city.  He has also been working with Dr. Frances F. Berdan at the Lab for Ancient Materials Analysis at Cal State San Bernardino, serving as experimental archaeologist for Berdan's Aztec Adhesive research project.  He is presenting a paper at the SAAs in Austin. Jeff joined the program in 2003 and rapidly became one its premier students, assisting Dr. D run the lab throughout the 2003-2004 academic year.  He took both the excavation and archaeological surveying classes.  He also participated in some excavation projects with Professional Archaeological Services. 
ED ASH Ed has only one semester left at East Carolina University for his B.A. with a dual major in Anthropology and Religious Studies (see  His courses include one on Cultural Resource Management.  Ed has done CRM work in Orange, Riverside, San Diego and Imperial Counties and in Oklahoma.  He served as President of the Palomar College Archaeology Club in 2003-2004.  Ed took classes in Beginning & Advanced Excavation, Lab Analysis, and Archaeological Surveying.  He has also helped inventory collections in the Palomar lab.

Daughter Loma

      Son Angus.           Ed at 250 cm at CA-SDI-216 (The
                                       Harris Site), March 2004.
EILEEN LALONE Eileen has also completed nearly all of her classes for her A.A. Degree in Archaeology at Palomar and recently went to Little Petroglyph Canyon with the Palomar College Archaeology Club.  She is very active about archaeology in education. 
KERRI HUNSINGER Kerri has completed her classes for her A.A. Degree in Archaeology and recently went on the Archaeology Club field trip to Little Petroglyph Canyon in the Coso Mountains.  Kerri works in maintenance for State Parks and takes a very active role in archaeology on State Park lands.  She lives in Borrego Springs.
RUDY REYES Rudy participated in the Advanced Archaeological Surveying Class this past Spring and served as a Teaching Assistant for the Fall 2004 excavation classes.  Served as intern at the South Coastal Information Center and Barona Museum and Cultural Center (2001). Rudy is the Treasurer of the Palomar College Anthropology (Archaeology) Club.  He helped set up archival software program at Barona.  Gave paper on work at SW Anthropological Association Meeting in San Diego, May 2001.  Worked for Professional Archaeological Services for test excavations at INY-5887, Summer 2001. 
Scott was just recently hired as a full-time Historical Archaeologist for Bryan Smith and Associates.  He served as Teaching Assistant for the Fall 2002 excavation class and has done archaeo/paleo monitoring for L&L Environmental in Temecula.  Scott has pretty much completed the requirements for an A.A. Degree in Archaeology from Palomar. He has skills in paleontology (Paige Museum) and in historic artifact identification, especially bottles. He helped catalog material from ORA-1582H for Professional Archaeological Services (PAS).  He took ANTH 225 in Historical Archaeology in the Fall of 2004. He also did fieldwork for PAS in Summer of 2001 and Spring 2003.

Ryan is attending UCSC.  He was accepted into the EAP Program in Ghana, West Africa, but was unable to go in the end.  He is currently taking classes in North American Archaeology, History of Archaeological Theory, and Latin Immigration to the U.S.  He has decided to major in cultural anthropology/ethnography and plans on applying to UC Berkeley, Davis, and San Diego.  He is interested in immigration issues and is enjoying UCSC immensely.  Ryan completed most of the courses in the Palomar Archaeology Archaeology Program.  Ryan served as artifact illustrator for several projects including for artifacts from SDI-5581 that he helped to excavate. 

Bridget completed most of the courses in the Palomar Archaeology Archaeology Program and then transferred to UC Santa Cruz where she is studying ecology.  She recently obtained an important internship in ecology at UCSC.  She is enjoying her life at UCSC.
Deva is now in graduate school in Germany and is working on some exciting sites in Morocco with the German Team, including one that may be Homo erectus or even earlier. Deva did research on Early Man in Morocco on a FULBRIGHT Grant.  Just prior to that, she worked as a seasonal worker for the National Forest in Utah.  Deva has a dual B.A. in Anthropology and Studio Art from Beloit College, Wisconsin, graduating Magna Cum Laude.  She participated in excavations in Chile, including work in paleoclimatology and the cataloging of collections at the University of Iquique.   She also has experience in artifact preservation and drawing.  Deva took both Advanced Excavation (ANTH 205) and Lab Analysis (ANTH 215) and helped inventory collections.
Deborah has permanently moved to Los Angeles where she and her husband, Hugo Buriel, are raising a new-born child.  Deborah was an outstanding President (formerly Secretary) for the Palomar College Archaeology Club from 2002-2004.  From the Spring of 2002 to the Fall of 2004, she commuted from Los Angeles to take Palomar archaeology classes. In the Fall of 2003 she served as a Teaching Assistant for excavation classes.  Deborah has completed the basic courses in excavation, surveying and lab analysis at Palomar.  She also took Advanced Archaeological Surveying (ANTH 220).  Deborah also helped create an electronic database for collections at Palomar in Microsoft Access.
MARK BOYLE Mark completed the A.A. Degree in Archaeology at Palomar and is attending the University of New Mexico.  Mark served as a Teaching Assistant for the Fall (2003) excavation classes. Mark completed his A.A. in Archaeology.  Mark has previously helped to inventory and catalog Palomar's archaeological collections to help satisfy the requirements of AB 978.  In Summer 2004, Mark did data recovery for Professional Archaeological Services at ORA-149 in Huntington Beach and also worked at ORA-1582H, Locus B, in June 2005.
Priya has a background in archaeology and she has  taken a flintknapping class where you learn how to make stone tools.  Priya has taken most of the Excavation and Lab/Surveyor Certificate courses, including Beginning & Advanced Excavation, Archaeological Surveying, and Lab Analysis.  She has been helping to inventory and create an electronic database for Palomar's archaeological collections (ANTH 297) to help satisfy the requirements of AB 978.  Her enthusiasm makes cataloging fun.

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