Art History and Aesthetics

Studying aesthetics and art history are ways of learning about how art has been used to illustrate and enrich our lives since the dawn of history. An awareness of the relationships between people, their culture and their art is fundamental to an understanding of human nature. The history, philosophy and appreciation of art are subjects covered in this area of the Palomar College Art Department.

Art 100 (Introduction to Art) is the first class listed in the Art Department and is a logical place to start an understanding of aesthetics and art concepts. This general education art appreciation course was originally intended for non-art majors, but is useful to everyone.

All of our other art history classes are part of our new Art History AA-T (Associate of Arts – Transfer) degree.  (Please see the Palomar College Catalog for the degree’s requirements.)  These classes are UC and CSU transferrable, none have prerequisites, and all are offered on a rotating basis.  They include:

Art 165 (History of Art I) and Art 166 (History of Art II).  These two classes make up a yearlong survey of Western (European and American) art history, covering the prehistoric through contemporary periods. They are offered every Fall and Spring semester.

Art 163 (Arts of Asia).  This class covers the arts of China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and Korea.  It will be offered every other Fall semester beginning in 2017.

Art 164 (Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas).  Students in this class will study the arts of Africa; the South Pacific; Australia; and North, Central and South America.  Beginning in 2018, this class will be offered every other Fall semester.

Art 169 (Survey of Modern Art).  19th and 20th century Western art is the focus of this class.  It will be offered every Spring semester.